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Mitsubishi HC9000D Projector - Physical Tour-2

Posted on July 21, 2011 by Art Feierman

Mitsubishi HC9000D Menus

Well, well, all new menus for Mitsubishi. They've pretty much been using the same look and feel for years. I was never a huge fan of the way they laid it out before, but definitely like this new setup better!

I like that Mitsubishi doesn't use menus that you have to scroll to see all the items. Instead, they solve the problem by having two Picture modes - 1 and 2, that handles most. They use sub-menus for multiple choice items in most cases. If I have a complaint, the menus are partially translucent, and I didn't see a way to make them less so. I picked a very bright, busy image to put the menu in front of, so figure it won't be any harder to read than what you see here.

Below are all the major menus (except the 4 item Info menu), and a few of the key sub-menus:

The first Picture menu (above) has most off the most commonly used controls, from Brightness to Color Temp.

Above Color Mangement Off, Three custom ones.

Above, along with Keystone correction, there's even a control for barrel distortion due to lens and mounting setup. It works, but it is digital compensation, and therefore, like keystone correction, it will degrade the imae slightly as you give up 1 to 1 pixel mapping.

This menu has all the 3D settings. The pull-down sub-menu provides choices between Auto, Frame Packing (Blu-ray 3D), Side by Side, Top and Bottom, and of course, 2D. There doesn't seem to be support at this time for the 720p format ESPN 3D is currently using. (A problem shared by most other 1080p projectors!)

Immediately above, the Iris sub-menu. You can choose from one of three preset fixed iris settings, custom, or "variable" - the dynamic iris.

hc9000d menu picture1

hc9000d menu picture2

hc9000d menu projection

hc9000d menu input

hc9000d menu input iris

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