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Shadow Detail Performance 2

A few additional images that let you observe how the Mitsubishi HC7800D handles darker scenes, and those with lots of black areas:

Black Level and Shadow Detail Performance: HC7800D Projector - Bottom Line

Click to enlarge. SO close

The HC7800D doesn’t blow me away in terms of these two areas of performance that are important on dark scenes. I would have been more impressed if the blacks were one step better.

Note, however, that the HC7800D is very good at revealing the darkest details. Considered together, not bad, but an area that isn’t the HC7800D’s real strength.

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Mitsubishi HC7800D - Overall Color & Picture Quality

Picture quality is generally the biggest strength of the HC7800D, but with the caveat, that black levels could be better. When it comes to skin tones, the HC7800D definitely has a slight edge on how natural they look, compared to the Epson 5010 that Mike just calibrated for me. Both look rather great, but the advantage on skin tones does go to the Mitsubishi.

Forgetting for the moment, things like your room, or the size of your screen, the HC7800D is hard not to like. The really sharp image, combines with generally excellent color, (post calibration, though not bad out of the box), to look great on the full spectrum of content – movies, general HDTV, sports, and I assume, even gaming.

Extensive controls allow anyone knowledgeable to really tune the HC7800 projector, and a generally great picture should be the result.

A mix of additional images to show off the Mitsubishi HC7800D: