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Projector Reviews MONTHLY FEATURED ARTICLE In this month’s article sponsored by Sony, we explore the challenges of projecting HDR.  Higher-end projectors like Sony’s newly introduced GTZ380 are utilizing higher brightness and powerful video processing to dramatically improve the picture quality of HDR content. The GTZ-380 is one of the first projectors available for home theater applications that is bright enough, with a wide enough color gamut, to faithfully reproduce HDR content mastered at 1,000 nits on a 100-inch screen with zero tone mapping. The new VPL-GTZ380 projector is intended for applications where the highest image quality is critical, for example, […]

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Projector Categories Each Category page listed below will provide you with in-depth information on those types of projectors, such as Laser Projectors, 4K Projectors, Home Theater Projectors.  Those pages will also provide you a chronological list of all matching projector reviews, plus a more complete list with both reviewed projectors and those where we provide specs and brochures. […]

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