Projector Reviews

BenQ Projectors

BenQ is a leading manufacturer of DLP projectors for Business, Education, Home Theater and Home Entertainment. A Taiwanese company, BenQ offers projectors from pocket LEDs up to high brightness projectors suitable for classrooms – K-12 and higher education, conference rooms, and auditoriums. They market some of the most popular home entertainment and home theater projectors available, primarily in the $1,000 or less price range. The bottom line? If you need a projector, BenQ likely has one that will fit your needs and be ultra-friendly to your wallet. […]

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Epson Projectors

Epson lays claim to being the largest manufacturer of projectors in the world.  They are also the leader and primary manufacturer of the type of LCD panels that go into projectors.  That is their edge over the competition.  Epson produces more models in more projector categories than anyone typically offering more than 125 projector models on their US website.  Epson is also big on color brightness – with all their projectors offering as many color lumens as white ones.  That translates into much better color near maximum power, and requires giving up little brightness to get the best possible picture! […]

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Mitsubishi Projectors

Mitsubishi packed up their marbles and called it quits.  Mitsubishi, until very recently was a major producer of home theater projectors, as well as offering about 40 different business, education and other commercial projectors in their lineup.  They not only announced in the fall of 2013, that they were exiting projectors, but also several other display segments where they had a big presence. No point in spending more words, other than to say that if you are in the market for a used projector they had a solid lineup and some really excellent projectors.  Mitsubishi may be gone, but our Mitsubishi […]

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