Projector Reviews

Screen Innovations 5 Series Fixed Frame Projection Screen

  The Screen Innovations (SI) 5 series fixed line of projector screens are available in a wide array of screen materials including ambient light rejecting, acoustically transparent, and ultra-short-throw options. They can be utilized in both residential and commercial applications. Like all fixed screens by Screen Innovations, the 5 series is hand built from a sturdy 3.5-inch aluminum extrusion which is wrapped in a fine velvet material. This ensures that the frame is as unobtrusive as possible during the viewing experience, as well as hides any projector “over spray”. While you should always try to fit the image perfectly on […]

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4K Projectors (Delete Me)

There are 4K projectors, and then there are 4K Projectors – to paraphrase James Bond in Casino Royale.  That is, some projectors have true 4K resolution while others can accept 4K content, and use techniques to get improved results out of lower resolution projectors This section’s list of projectors includes both types, that is projectors with true 4K panels/chips therefore have either 4096×2160 or 3840×2160 resolution without any of that “pixel shifting”, and those accepting 4K content that are 1080p projectors, or 4K UHD projectors (which aren’t true 4K as I keep saying)  Both put content on the screen that […]

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4K Projectors

With a 4K projector you can finally sit close enough to a screen to get really immersed and still have a razor-sharp image. For other uses, the resolution aids in presenting anything requiring great detail such as, renderings, engineering, satellite photo. Is it worth it to buy a 4K projector. We think yes! However… Not all “4K” Projectors are created equal. While some projectors can reproduce true 4K resolution, others can just accept 4K content and use techniques to get improved results out of an HD resolution display. A native 4K projector has at least 8.3 megapixels, with no pixel […]

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