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Panasonic AE900U Sections

Panasonic offers a short warranty compared to the competition. It is one year parts and labor, in a world where just about everyone else offers either two years or three years. In addition, many competing home theater projectors offer a first year replacement or loaner program. To put it in perspective, Sanyo’s forthcoming Z4 projector should have the same 3 year warranty with 72 hour turnaround at the factory, BenQ’s highly touted (a Hot Product Winner) DLP projector has a 3 year warranty with 48 hour replacement for the first year, and Optoma’s H78DC3 (significantly more expensive – but another Hot Product Award winner, has a two year warranty (as do even their entry level home theater projectors which start around $1000.

Panasonic does offer a 2 year warranty extension and it is selling in the range of $199 – $250 I believe. Considering that the Panasonic is slightly less expensive than its main competition, you can spring for the extra 2 years and not feel bad.