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First things first. The only cable provided with Panasonic’s PT-AE900u projector, is the powercord. So whether you are ordering your Panasonic projector online, or at a local store, figure out the cable lengths you need, and order them at the same time. You are going to need at least one component or HDMI cable for top quality signals. If you have an AV receiver it may accept multiple component sources and a single component out that goes to the projector, and the same may be true for HDMI/DVI inputs.

You should be able to save some money ordering cables when you order your projector. Otherwise, you are likely to end up at Radio Shack, buying medium quality cables at prices that can easily cost more than double that of online prices.

The Lens shift control will allow you to position your new Panasonic home theater projector anywhere from slightly above the top of the screen to slightly below the bottom. This Panasonic Projector, like the older AE700u relies on that joystick controlled lens shift – for both vertical and horizontal lens shift. Because of the design, the more you use the vertical lens shift, the less horizontal shift that is available. At the maximum vertical (13% above the screen top), there is 0 horizontal lens shift. Even with the top of the screen, and you have 8% horizontal shift available. If you don’t need vertical lens shift at all (the center of lens is vertically even with the center of the screen), then you have a maximum of 25% horizontal lens shift.

Plugging everything in is straight forward, so the biggest challenge will almost certainly be setting up the provided learning remote to work with your satellite/cable box, DVD player, etc. Find yourself a knowledgeable dealer who can recommend the right cables screen, and accessories. The projector itself is easy enough to use!