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Panasonic Adds New PT-FW430U and PT-FX400U LCD Projectors - Press Release

Panasonic PT-FW430U projector

Comments by Projector Reviews staff: Notable about the release of the new PT-FW430U and PT-FX400U is Panasonic's new re-engineered lamp, providing up to 6000 hours of  life.  This will prove to be a significant cost savings for the educational market (which is a real plus these days).  Read on for more information from Panasonic: P R E S S   R E L E A S E Panasonic Unveils PT-FW430 Series LCD Projectors Enhanced Performance and More Eco Features SECAUCUS, N.J.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Panasonic Solutions Company, provider of collaboration, information-sharing and decision-support solutions for government and commercial enterprises, today announced the PT-FW430 Series projectors, a new family of Panasonic’s LCD projectors. With an enhanced set of features including long lamp life and new filter technology that reduces the maintenance cycle, PT-FW430 Series projectors offer unmatched installation, operation and maintenance flexibility, while delivering the highest Return on Investment (ROI) for educational institutions, healthcare environments, government organizations and corporations in a variety of industries. The PT-FW430U features native WXGA (1,280 x 800) resolution and 3,500 lumens of brightness, while the PT-FX400U offers XGA (1,024 x 768) resolution and 4,000 lumens of brightness. “An increasing number of businesses are putting in place various policies and procedures to reduce their environmental impact” Operation and Maintenance Flexibility, High ROI The new, reengineered lamps of the PT-FW430 Series projectors deliver up to 6,000 hours of life, and can also be used in Panasonic’s PT-F300, PT-F200 and PT-F100 Series projectors. Panasonic’s lamp standardization allows IT departments to reduce their inventory of replacement parts, resulting in cost savings for corporations, educational institutions and others with limited IT budgets. The projectors’ user-friendly design makes it easy to replace lamps when necessary without having to remove the projector from its ceiling mount. An innovative dust-resistant, sealed design protects important optical components from dust particles. In addition, the Panasonic PT-FW430 Series projectors are equipped with the new Eco Filter that features a lifespan of up to 12,000 hours. This unique filter, built specifically for the projectors’ usage scenarios, such as dusty classrooms, significantly decreases replacement cycles and maximizes end users’ investments in these high-performance projectors. The PT-FW430 Series projectors are equipped with 2x zoom lens and the horizontal/vertical lens shift feature that makes it possible to move the projected image without moving the projector. This enables IT and facilities professionals to remove existing devices and install the PT-FW430 Series projectors in an existing mount, saving time and money associated with many replacement installations. “I installed a number of Panasonic PT-FW300U projectors across our campus,” said Gerry Ewing, Director of Technology Applications, Stetson University. “To date, our team has not experienced a single hardware failure. With the long lamp life and reduced filter maintenance, we are confident we made the best long-term investment in projector solutions that is yielding the highest ROI for our institution. The Panasonic PT-FW430 Series, with its impressive set of new features, promises to deliver even greater ROI for universities. Panasonic’s team of engineers and product managers continues to push innovation to the next level.” Additional Key Features As a direct response to the needs of its customers, Panasonic incorporated both HDMI and DVI-I inputs in the new projector series. This further enhances the solutions’ flexibility by giving the installers, AV managers and end-users more video input options to meet their growing needs. For added flexibility, a wired LAN connection enables remote operation, which is ideal for ceiling-mounted use. Multi Projector Monitoring and Control Software is available for managing multiple Panasonic projectors from a single PC, which means administrators can check a projector’s status and condition without having to physically walk to the room where it is installed. By installing the optional Wireless Module (ET-WM200U) into PT-FW430 Series projectors, users can create a wire-free projection experience. In addition, presenters can share Easy Wireless Stick (ET-UW200), an optional accessory, and pass it along from one laptop computer to another during collaboration sessions and enjoy freedom from wires. Users can also download Wireless Projector for iOS, a wireless-projection application for the iPad, iPhone or iPod touch via the iTunes App Store. The application makes it possible to project PDF and JPEG images from those devices to the PT-FW430 Series and other Panasonic wireless-capable projectors. The Eco Management function of the PT-FW430 Series projectors significantly lowers power consumption by intelligently adjusting the status of the devices according to ambient light conditions and absence of input signals. The ecological design of the PT-FW430 Series greatly reduces environmental impact, with power consumption at 0.3W in Eco Standby Mode. “An increasing number of businesses are putting in place various policies and procedures to reduce their environmental impact,” said Scott Wellington, Product Marketing Manager at Panasonic Solutions Company. “With a number of new features of the PT-FW430 Series projectors, including the Eco Filter, reengineered lamps that last for up to 6,000 hours and the Eco Management function, we are confident that we will deliver better energy-saving benefits to our customers in a product that is flexible, reliable and provides them with the highest ROI.” Image Quality The exclusive Daylight View™ Premium feature measures surrounding illumination with a built-in ambient light sensor and corrects the image in real time, producing clear, crisp images with remarkable depth – even in brightly-lit rooms. Detail Clarity Processor 3, a unique Panasonic image correction circuit optimally enhances each area of the screen. The projectors’ ability to produce natural, crisp images and sharp details empowers conference and seminar speakers to give effective presentations. The PT-FW430 Series projectors will be available in May 2011 through authorized Panasonic resellers. About Panasonic Solutions Company Panasonic Solutions Company empowers people whose jobs depend on reliable technology. The company delivers collaboration, information-sharing and decision-support solutions for customers in government, healthcare, education and a wide variety of commercial enterprises.

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