Projector Reviews

Optoma HD8300 Home Theater Projector Review

Optoma’s HD8300 projector is Optoma’s flagship 3D capable, single chip DLP, 1080p resolution home theater projector. It is built on the HD8200 platform. The primary difference that matters is that the HD8300 is 3D capable as well as being foremost, a 2D projector. […]

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Optoma HD33 Home Theater Projector Review

Optoma’s HD33 projector is Optoma’s first 3D capable, low cost 1080p resolution home theater projector. Like it’s more expensive HD3300 sibling (almost identical but sold through big box houses and local dealers, instead of online, where prices tend to be less), the HD33 is rather capable, and claims to be a very bright projector, something needed for decent 3D. Let’s see how good this HD33 is. If you are familiar with Optoma’s HD20, the HD33 will remind you of it. They are similar in some areas of performance, though the HD33 looks a bit better. […]

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Acer X1261P XGA Portable Projector Review

Economical, compact, 3D, portable or mounted, the Acer X1261P projector is quite capable, and value priced. Just posted, a few more images, and comments will be added. This projector is included in the Education Projector Comparison Report, although it is a small portable projector for business or schools. The Acer X1261P projector earned our Runner-Up Best In Classroom Projector Award in this year’s 2011 Classroom Projector Report: The Best School Projectors for K-12 Education! […]

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