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Runco Lightstyle LS-10d Projector Review

Posted on March 17, 2011 by Art Feierman

This Runco Lightstyle LS-10 projector is the second Runco projector we've reviewed to date. We received the LS-10d projector - which is essentially the same as the standard LS-10i, but comes with the impressive DHD4 outboard Processor for an equally impressive $26,995. The DHD4 is also sold with their high end projectors.

This LS10 is a 3 chip DLP home theater projector, with 1080p resolution. Reviewing the LS-10 should be most helpful in providing insight and perspective to people shopping a price range or two lower. Reviewing the LS-10d certainly helps me with the big picture. In reviewing the Runco LS-10d, we've now left the world of projectors for the masses, and entered (the low end) of projectors primarily for the wealthy, the obsessed, and those somewhere in between (actually probably the wealthy obsessed). UPDATE: The Runco LS10d earned the prestigious Outstanding Product of the Year 2011 Award! Check out the praise for this phenomenal projector!

Specs Preview

Runco LS-10d Specs
Price 26995
Technology 3 Chip DLP
Native Resolution 1920x1080
Brightness (Manufacturer Claim) 2100
Contrast 10000:1
Zoom Lens Ratio 1.2:1 ( zoom and focus motorized) many optional lenses
Lens Shift Yes
Lamp Life 2000 hours at full power, 3000 at low power (eco)
Weight 40.8
Warranty 2 Year Parts and Labor, advanced warranties available

S10 Projector Highlights

  • Gorgeous color
  • 3 chip DLP design (yes, just like the movie theaters)
  • Extremely bright
  • Excellent black level performance (despite the low contrast numbers)
  • 1080p resolution
  • Extensive selection of inputs
  • Relatively quiet projector
  • Cable cover
  • Outboard processor

Runco LS-10d Projector Overview

In this review we will attempt to address both projectors, the LS-10d which is the model Runco delivered to me, or the lower cost LS-10i. I can describe the other differences, but whether the outboard processor, and its advantages are worth the extra $5000 is for you to decide, probably with the help of your friendly neighborhood Runco dealer. Please note that while I will make comments about the LS-10i throughout the review, there's also a special page on the review menu, specific to the LS-10i's differences.

Our previous look at a Runco was this past summer when we received the 720p LS-7 to review. The Runco LS10d is the 1080p projector in the same series (and recently starting to ship- as of this writing). Like its $15,495 little brother, the LS-10d offers a truly dazzling image compared to almost any other projectors we get to review.

Let's get to it.

The Runco LS-10d is the flagship of the LightStyle series. Strange as it may seem, that lofty $27K price tag already mentioned only makes it the flagship of Runco's entry level series projectors. You can likely buy apartment buildings in Las Vegas these days for the price of some of the higher priced models in the Runco lineup, but that's a tale for another time.

The Fifth Element image from the Runco LS-10 projector.

The picture is stunning, and in most ways, superior to everything else that's come through here, but there is lots to discuss. It's not flawless - or Runco wouldn't make more expensive projectors.

The projector itself is fairly large. It's ovalesque in shape looking from the top, and it's tall from the front. The finish is a flat black. It's got some style, but it is one of the larger home theater projectors to pass through here, and definitely the tallest.

The Runco LS-10d has the full collection of connectors on its back panel, that the LS-10i has but you won't be using them. All you need is a single HDMI cable from the DHD processor. Everything hooks up to the projector through the outboard processor, which is dripping in inputs and outputs. This provides the convenience of your connection panel for the projector being there with the rest of your gear - cable or satellite box, blu-ray player, games, internet connection. Of course, the other key benefit of the outboard processor is that it offers a step up in image processing quality. (I was plenty impressed with the LS-7, so I expect that the basic LS-10i does just fine).

Gandalf image from the Runco LS-10 projector.

One thing that separates the LS-10d projector from the other home theater projectors we have reviewed recently, is the brightness of the projector. The LS10d projector measured almost 1500 lumens in its "best" mode. That's two to four times as bright as most of the other home theater projectors.

Space Cowboys image from the Runco LS-10 projector.

In the following pages, we'll discuss in more detail, the projector's physical features, image quality, measurements and our calibration settings. Enjoy the ride.

Much of the commentary in this review will try and position this projector in terms of how it compares to less expensive projectors.

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