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Runco LS-10d Projector - Image Quality 4

Posted on July 17, 2013 by Art Feierman

Overall Color & Picture Quality

I uttered quite a few gushing descriptions of the less expensive Runco, and really only "gave it a hard time" for being a 720p projector. OK, problem solved, the LS-10 projectors are certainly 1080p. Everything else is similar, at least from a picture quality standpoint. My problem is figuring out if the more expensive Runco's can really do a better picture, or are mostly just more featured (in some cases), and brighter still.

Figuring though, that Runco, SIM2, Digital Projection and projectiondesign all have far more expensive home projectors in their line-ups that are even better, it's hard to gush too much, knowing that there is better out there. That said. I'm only giving the Runco LS-10d back to Runco, if they insist. If they don't mind my keeping it as a reference projector for the next 6 months or year, though, I vote for that.

From my perspective, superior blacks of, say the top of the line JVC projectors just isn't enough to make up for the even better skin tones, (especially in darker scene lighting), and the sheer extra brightness that makes you feel like you can feel the heat, when the sun's shining.

A mix of additional images to show off the Runco LS-10d:

From the DVE-HD test disc:

Back to movies - here's a couple from Star Trek and a couple more from Casino Royale:

Those into technical perfection will no doubt find something less than perfect to get excited about, but for those simply looking for a premium performance projector that will blow you away, something a magnitude or so better than most far lower priced projectors, this one should do the trick. Because when it comes to the image, and color, the LS10 projector has the natural look, and plenty of "pop" to the image I supose that earns it a "Wow".

Runco LS-10d Projector: Performance, HDTV and Sports

Nothing like having a projector like the Runco LS10d or LS10i. These projectors are not the least afraid of a little ambient light. With the Runco spewing out about 1800 lumens, it can tackle a really large screen, or on something more modest, say a 110" diagonal, in a fair amount of ambient lighting.

What you won't get from this Runco, is Creative Frame Interpolation (CFI) often known by names like Smooth Motion. That's too bad, for I do like and recommend CFI for sports viewing. It's a minor loss, though. While I like having CFI, there are a lot of other things far more important, even to most sports fans.

I like the image above. We're so used to astroturf in one color or another, this field has a natural, not over the top look to it.

I will say the same thing as I did about the LS-7. The LS-10d offers up some fine, saturated, and accurate colors, dynamic image, plenty of lumens. The one real complaint I had about the LS-7 had been sharpness. Not a fault of the optics, but rather the limits of being a 720p projector. Well, that's not a problem this time, and this projector just looks extremely sharp on digital content.


Of course I viewed more than just football games. We gathered a group to watch the Grammys, which I recorded. These next images are from the show. After all, can I say this projector is really good, without having seen Lady Gaga perform in my theater?

Bottom line for HDTV, and Sports Viewing with the Runco LS-10d Projector:

Bright, great image, but for lack of "smooth motion" (which shouldn't be a deal breaker for most of us), it's a superb HDTV projector. I'm told by Runco, that one of the advantages of the LS10d's DHD4 processor is that it delivers better, cleaner interlaced video such as 1080i. Nice. (Not that the LS10i, is going to be poor at it.)

Interestingly the LS10i offers a feature the "d" lacks, and that's Picture in Picture, which I discuss in the LS-7 review. In this case, only the "i" version gets it, since the DHD4 doesn't support it. In Runco's high priced world, someone wanting something like that probably will want it done first class, with support for several sources and images sizes, setup as needed. 3rd parties make devices like that for command and control centers. For those curious, one such company that makes such gear, for "command and control" displays, is RGB Spectrum.

The power and the punch, the dynamic colors... really sharp... Next question?

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