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Samsung SP-A600 Projector – Performance

Epson Home Cinema 6100
Sanyo PLV-Z3000
Sony VPL-HW10

Samsung SP-A600: Bottom Line Sharpness

Overall, the SP-A600 is sharper than average. It can’t quite match the “razor sharp” look of the best in the price range, such as the BenQ W5000, but does a very good job overall, and, upon close inspection, comes across a little sharper than several of the best selling 3LCD competition, including the Epson and Panasonic.

Light Leakage

Light leakage is generally pretty good. There does seem to be a slight amount coming through the lens, but not enough to be noticeable without a black image on the screen. Looking at the projector from the rear, however, there is a fair amount of light coming out of the right side venting. If you are ceiling mounting that will be on the left side (looking from the rear). it’s bright enough that if your side walls are light colored you are likely to notice it. It’s not a lot but could definitely be a minor distraction, especially if your room isn’t that wide, and the wall is less than 6 feet away.

I better mention that it mostly illuminates a small area, so people sitting below it to the left side won’t notice the light from the projector hitting their eyes, but may see the light hitting the wall to their left, and above.

Image Noise

Image noise, overall is very good. In this regard the SP-A600 seems like a typical DLP home theater projector, with a bit more noise than other technologies. But we are talking slight differences.

Audible Noise

A projector can’t be too quiet in a home theater setting. The Samsung, as a DLP projector, would be expected to have a bit more fan noise than some of the quieter 3LCD projectors.