Samsung SP-M250 3LCD Portable Projector – A Comparison

The Samsung SP-M250 is somewhat similar to the SP-F10M projector which we did review

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Samsung SP-F10M Projector
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This article discusses the Samsung SP-M250’s differences.

Samsung SP-M250 Projector Comparison

For our annual Classroom Projector Report, we asked that Samsung nominate a series that they felt was suitable for classroom and small business environments. Since the Samsung SP-F10M, which we recently reviewed, has no other siblings, Samsung then also nominated their M-Series. Though not immediate family of the Samsung SP-F10, Samsung’s M-Series is still a loose relative. Below is a brief look at the Samsung SP-M250, with a few comparisons to the Samsung SP-F10 thrown in.

Beyond XGA resolution (1024×768), there are very few similarities between the Samsung SP-M250 and the Samsung SP-F10. The Samsung SP-F10M has an LED light source so it runs at a lower brightness and therefore can go 90% longer than Samsung SP-M250’s lightbulb. This means that you will virtually never have to change the bulb of the Samsung SP-F10, and in the long run it’s going to save you money that you would spend replacing multiple bulbs for the Samsung SP-M250. However, the trade off is spending more money up front buying the Samsung SP-F10 (MSRP $1299) than the Samsung SP-M250 (MSRP $699).

The Samsung SP-M250 portable XGA projector is the second model in Samsung’s M-Series. The Samsung SP-M250 is slightly more expensive than the Samsung M-Series’ entry level projector, the Samsung SP-M220 (MSRP $599) which we recently took a brief look at.

Like the Samsung SP-M220 and the rest of the M-Series models, the Samsung SP-M250 has a resolution of 1024×768 (XGA) and a contrast ratio of 500:1. This contrast ratio is fairly low among most projectors, but if “pop” is not a huge concern of yours, that’s a nonissue. The Samsung SP-M250 and the rest of its siblings also share the same single, 7 watt speaker. This is more than enough sound to fill small conference room spaces. The Samsung SP-M250 has a lamp life of 3000 hours at max and 5000 in eco-mode, as do the rest of the projectors in the M-Series.

The Samsung SP-M250 and its counterparts are also very portable, measuring the same size and weight at 3.2H x 11.0W x 9.1D and 5.3 pounds. This allows them to be transferred with ease from classroom to classroom without being too much of an inconvenience. The Samsung SP-M250 does not have wired networking capabilities, though it does offer other perks such as blackboard mode and closed-captioning that are advantages in the classroom. Another nice bonus for the Samsung SP-M250 (as well as with the other siblings) is a three year warranty, the longest in the market!

The Samsung SP-M250 projector’s input panel, which includes an HDMI input.

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So what differentiates the Samsung SP-M250 from its otherwise extremely similar siblings? The Samsung SP-M250 (MSRP $699) is less expensive than the Samsung SP-M255 (MSRP $749), which is the most advanced projector in the series. It is brighter than the Samsung SP-M220, boasting 2500 lumens versus 2200 lumens. The lamp for the Samsung SP-M250 is also less expensive than the one found the Samsung SP-M220 and the Samsung SP-M255, an estimated $89 versus $149 and $159. Therefore, if you also consider the coveted three-year warranty that the M250 has to offer, the upkeep will ultimately be less expensive over time than the other two projectors in the series.

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