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PLV-Z3000 Lens Throw

Posted on December 7, 2008 by Art Feierman

PLV-Z3000 Lens Throw

The PLV-Z3000 can be placed as close as 9.8 feet, or as far back as 20.0 feet from a 100 inch diagonal 16:9 screen (as measured from the front of the lens). This provides about as much placement range as is found in any home theater projector. If you plan on a different sized screen, you can use these numbers to calculate the appropriate distances. A 90" screen, for example, would have distances 90% of those listed above for a 100" screen, and so on.

This is about as much placement range as any home theater projector, and allows plenty of flexibility regardless if you are ceiling mounting, rear shelf mounting, or placing it on a table.

PLV-Z3000 Lens Shift

Lens shift allows you to place this Sanyo projector below the bottom of the screen surface, above the top, or anywhere in between. For a 100 inch diagonal screen, the projector - as measured from the center of the lens, can actually be up to 24.5 inches above the screen surface, or down to an equal amount, below the bottom. This assumes you are not using horizontal lens shift (most don't). If you do need some horizontal lens shift, it will reduce the range of the vertical lens shift.

The combination of wide range zoom, and lots of lens shift, make the Sanyo PLV-Z3000 equally flexible, regardless of the type of placement you choose.

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Anamorphic Lens

The PLV-Z3000 will support anamorphic lens and motorized sled. It has the necessary aspect ratio for using an anamorphic lens. It does not have any special anamorphic features such as those found in the PT-AE3000U (emulates an anamorphic lens - with minor limitations), or the Mitsubishi HC7000 which can work with an anamorphic lens, without needing a motorized sled. As one of the lower priced 1080p projectors, I don't expect many owners to even consider an anamorphic lens and sled (far more expensive than the Sanyo), let alone get one for the Z3000.

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