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Sanyo PLV-Z4 projector review: Overview 3

Sanyo’s PLV-Z4 projector easily outperforms it’s predecessor, the PLV-Z3. There are many technological enhancements and they combine with improved image quality, earning the Sanyo PLVZ4 projector a Hot Product Award.

To the right of the lens, is the front Infra-Red sensor for the projector’s remote control. Below are two adustable feet, each can be rotated to raise or lower the front of the projector.

Because of the ability to place the projector relatively close or far from the screen, (if you are using a 100″ diagonal 16:9 projection screen, you can place the projector as close as 9.8 feet or as far back as 16.8 feet, but that looks like a typo. Assuming the 9.8 foot number as accurate, the 2:1 lens would let you put the front of the projector as far back as 19.6 feet, from a 100″ screen.

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