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Sharp XV-Z15000 Projector Review

The XV-Z15000 projector is one of the very best of the under $2500 home theater projectors around. Of course no one projector is “best” at everything, and rarely, best at most things.

The Sharp XV-Z15000, however, is a very well balanced performer. And, like many DLP projectors in particular, its picture quality consistently looks good. After Mike calibrated the projector, I spent a lot of time viewing it on the usual Blu-ray (and standard DVD) movies, general HDTV content, and lots of sports (mostly NBA playoffs, but also my stored football on DVR for outdoor sports).

Color was extremely good, with very good skin tones. Many of you will have noticed the ultra-high contrast ratio of 30,000:1. The XV-Z15000 delivers, with black levels approaching or equaling the best of the LCD projector competition. Of the immediate 3LCD projector competition (Epson, Sanyo, Panasonic), only the Epson has a slight edge in overall black level performance. The Mitsubishi HC7000 just might beat it, but it’s far more expensive, so not a direct competitor.