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Projector Reviews H1 - add class c-h1

Projector Reviews H2 - Add Class c-h2

Projector Reviews H3 - Add Class C-H3

Projector Reviews H4 - Add Class C-H4

Projector Reviews H5 - Add Class C-H5
Projector Reviews H6 - Add Class C-h6

Responsive Columns and Image Sizes

When you create an image to upload its important that the image be cropped to a 16:9 aspect ratio (1280x720). When you follow this sizing guidelines, Wordpress will automatically create multiple images at smaller sized to use throughout the site. This is important to optimize for mobile and speed up the size.

IMPORTANT: when you create and upload an image, make sure you optimize the size below 100KB. The smaller the file size the better. find the lowest optimization option to a desired visual quality. Failure to do so, will result in a slower page load and CWV score.

1 Column Full Width Max Width of 1260px

Generate and crop your Full Size image at: 1280x720
Use Full Size Image

2 Columns - 1 Large and 1 300W Banner Ad on the Right

Large Image is 960x540

Column Class = pr-2col-left
Use Large Size : 960x 540
Column Class = pr-2col-right

2 Columns - 1 Large and 1 488W Thumbnail Image on the the Right

Use Large 960x540
Thumbnail: 488x275

2 Columns 50% and 50%

Medium Size: 615x346

Use Medium 732x412
Use Medium 732x412

3 Columns 33%

Use Large
Use Large
Use Large

4 Columns 25%

Thumbnail: 488x275
Thumbnail: 488x275
Thumbnail: 488x275
Thumbnail: 488x275