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1080p Home Theater Projector Comparison Report, Optoma, BenQ Projector Reviews

Greetings all!Well, as no surprise to my "regular" readers, I'm behind the curve again, with reviews, and therefore, the big 1080p projector comparison report. This time it's a couple of things causing the delay, but mostly the decision to slide in two more reviews, before starting the report.Next to publish is the Optoma HD803 1080p projector, a variation on the previously reviewed HD8000 and HD80. This will be a relatively short review in that this projector is so similar to the HD80, that much of the info can be taken from the HD80 review.The HD803 review should post tomorrow (Wed.) night. I hope to "rush" the BenQ W5000 (still in its box, but here), out by next Monday or Tuesday evening, and then on to the big comparison report.The structure of the 1080p report will be similar to last year's. This time we'll be giving out Best in Class awards in three categories: $2000 and under street price, $2000 to $4000 street price, and $4000 to $10,000 street price.Just for clarity, I don't have the some 15+ projectors that are compared, here at one time. Rather this is put together from the many 1080p projector reviews done over the last year, including projectors such as the Panasonic PT-AE2000U, Epson Pro and Home Cinema 1080UB, Sony VW40 and VW60, JVC RS1 and RS2, some Optomas, the BenQ W5000, the Sanyo PLV-Z2000, and the Sharp XV-Z20000.The 1080p Comparison Report will feature a number of pages, that directly compare one projector to another, as was done last year.With a little luck, the Comparison report will initially publish around March 6 or 7th.Hang in there! -art

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