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Greetings all, Sorry, been real busy, what with the new site conversion and all.  Launch for the "new" projector reviews site is now in less than 72 hours.  We will even have an interview video about the whys and wherefores in creating the new, improved But I did manage to get the Viewsonic PJD7820HD Projector posted, and have shot several videos that are now in post production.  Because we are running a few weeks behind with the over hall of the site, there are several new reviews that will post when we switch over.We have a few interesting projectors in house right now.  Tony, I think has the Epson Home Cinema 750HD done in the new site format, so it will go live with the site.  And, he's working on a 500 lumen bright Optoma ML550 pocket projector.  Keep in mind 500 lumens is more brightness than needed for a 100" diagonal screen for proper movie brightness. Mike's tackling one of the Panasonic Solid Shine projectors - I tried to get the 1080p but had to settle for 720p (WXGA in this case).  Still could be a super projector for media rooms as well as commercial applications, and definitely for sports bars, etc. I'm finishing up an ultra-short somewhat throw high end interactive business projector, Epson Powerlite Pro 1410, but I also have an unannounced $999 home entertainment projector with a lot of wow factor, in the works.   That's under NDA, but will launch, I believe before CEDIA, so you may see the review in about 2 weeks. So hang in there.  Life should return to about normal in a week or so, as soon as we get most of the launch headaches out of the way.   Next week we'll work in creating pages for our subscriber area, including CMS settings from Mike's calibrations of probably 15 projectors. That's it for now, returning Lisa - who worked very hard this week with me on all those videos, back to college. WAIT:  PS:   Monday I'm off to Sony Pictures for an NDA CEDIA preview of the new Sony projectors that will be launched at CEDIA.  I'm excited.  I have zero info - but I'm hoping to see a lower cost 4K.  Love to see one in the $5K to $10K range, but that's just me wishing.  We shall see. Which reminds me.  Speaking of great projectors, I've got my old JVC RS20 which has barely been turned on in the last year, available for sale.  I've got the box, it's got about 1900 hours on the lamp (my first lamp) so it's getting up there.  But I'm only looking at $1500?  If you don't care about 3D, and want black level performance that's still better than anything under $7K today (and a projector that calibrates great), let me know.   That's it! Stay tuned for more info on the best new projectors.  It's a perfect deal for someone wanting awesome picture quality for under $2000.   Thanks  -art  

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