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Back from CES - catching up on comments - JVC, Optoma review units coming

Greetings all, OK, five days in Las Vegas, at the CES show.  Not much in new home theater projectors - and not much was expected as most new projectors were announce at CEDIA in September. Of note, Optoma has two versions of a new projector, featuring a 1.5:1 zoom lens, and vertical lens shift. More info to follow on the Optomas, in a separate blog. BenQ also will have a new pair of projectors with 1.5:1 zoom, but while Optoma's will be ready for release soon, the BenQs are probably early summer timeframe.  More to follow, and Optoma has promised a unit for review in the next few weeks. I was too busy to answer the many comments to my blogs while there, as well as emails I received.  (If your questions/comments are useful to others, try to send them as blog comments, so my responses can be shared. I hope to answer most of the ones I missed, over the next 3-4 days. Good news - in the "better late than never category:  I received an email from JVC last Friday, indicating that both the RS10 and RS20 would be shipped to me for review this week.  I'm excited, hope you are too. BTW, if the RS20 performs as promised, it may well be my next projector, in which case I'll be looking for a buyer for my RS1.  I'm thinking $2000 delivered, with a fresh calibration.  Note, however that my lamp has about $1400 hours on it.  Or, for $2350, I'll provide it with a new lamp in place (also with the usual basic calibration) along with the old lamp.  -art

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