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Catching Up: Next Reviews - Optoma Epson, DVDO ... other issues

Greetings all,  Well, I'm slammed with emails asking about when the Epson 6100 and 6500 UB will be reviewed.  I'm still waiting, like all the other reviewers, for Epson to release review units.  As of yesterday, their PR firm (PR firms usually handle such things) still was telling me.  "We haven't gotten them in yet, but soon".  They still say, this month. Both are top priority over here (if they both arrive same day, the UB will be first, however. Meantime, I just can't sit on my hands, or twiddle my thumb, so I had an Optoma HD806 arrive today.  I'm going to try to get that reviewed and published early next week - that's a short time for me, so figure half the usual pictures (everything photo related takes me about 8 hours per review), and perhaps a thinner than usual competitive section. Also in review:  Mike is reviewing right now, the DVDO Edge, and that should post next week.  He's also doing some biz projector reviews. I'm going to have a short review on the new Elite Screen's acoustic fixed screen...  And also Gefen's first Wireless HDMI setup (30 foot max range), which I received yesterday, and is running right now. And Big news - I'll also be reviewing the Carada Masquerade "universal" (my term) masking system.   BTW, I do plan to start my 1080p Comparison Report, before the end of January, althought that one slipped six weeks last year while waiting for the last critical projectors to review.   Besides the Epson's a SIM2 D80E will arrive on Dec 23rd, confirmed (they are sending a technician - which they insisted on if I wanted to review it).  I guess they aren't sure I know how to fire one of these sucka's up. Besides the Optoma, two Epson's and the SIM2 (which will publish after the Epson's, other projectors short term, that I want to get in before the Comparison Report, include the more expensive Sony, the Epson Home Cinema 700, and the JVC RS10 and RS20.  The Epson 700 could wait, but there are still a lot of 720p folks out there wanting to know how good a $799 3LCD can be. There's a very good chance the RS10 will arrive before new years as well.  They say the RS20 will not happen before January. As you can see, at 1 week (and loose change) per review, I'm pretty slammed.   Tips on emailing and blogging questions to me. For those emailing me directly, I'm now down to answering about 1 in 10 emails. I may even email back and say, send it through a blog comment, and I'll reply (if I think a lot of readers would be interested) I'm still hanging in there answering most blog questions (60%+), but often slip a couple weeks behind.   For those of you with questions, I do not have time to look up things like published throw distances, or other information that I have already fully commented on in the reviews, including much of "which is better this one or that".  I try to help with specific issues, but don't ask me to repeat what I have already written. Currently, I'm answering about 10-15 blog questions a week, and 40+ emails.  (on a busy DAY, I can get 50+ emails, and on a slow one 20. Enough, back to work for me.  Happy Holidays!  -art

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