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Greetings everyone, It's that time of year again.  Most of the major home theater projector manufacturers rolled out their new projectors at CEDIA, with a few projectors shipping immediately, but most with first shipments scheduled for October, November, and December. I'm getting buried in emails from folks asking when I'm going to get to this one, or that one.  In some cases I know, in others I have ball park promises from the manufacturers.  To keep my life simple, here's what's happening, and my best guess as to the answer to the question "when". By projector manufacturer: Sanyo: PLV-Z3000 - Early November or end of October arrival.  A priority review (as are the top of the lines from the other major brands). PLV-Z700 - just posted, some additions to add, proofing, etc. PLV-Z60 - published end of September Panasonic: PT-AE3000 is expected in two weeks or less.  It definitely will publish this month, unless they delay the review unit. Epson:  The've got 5 new models, and that's not counting the MovieMate 55, which I will get to, as well: Pro Cinema 7500 UB - Should arrive late November Home Cinema 6500 UB - probably late December, but since it's identical to the 7500 UB in many ways, most will get all they need to know about the 6500 UB, from the Epson Home Cinema 7500 UB review. Pro Cinema 7100 - Probably late Nov. or early Dec.  I've made it clear to Epson that the UB, is the priority Home Cinema 6100 - again, basically the same projector as the Pro Cinema 7100... Home Cinema 700 - No good word on this one, probably December?  (this is the first under $800 3LCD home theater projector (720p). Mitsubishi: HC6500 - currently under review - will post next week HC7000 - expecting one before month end Planar 8150 - arrived, but shipping damage - lamp won't power up fully, and it shuts down.  Waiting to here from them (plan B).  Hopefully I'll be able to get back to this one by early November. JVC - I hope to complete the review of the new DLA-RS20, as soon as I can get one, also by year end.  The RS10, too, if I have the time, if not, then January. Optoma:  No new projectors BenQ:  No new projectors, most recent review: BenQ W20000 (last month) W5000 an updated projector, with newest firmware, finally shipping my way next week, so I can see if the image noise issue has been improved. I'm also trying to get in the low cost SIM2, but SIM2, like Runco/Vidikron, isn't big on giving review projectors to online reviewers, since they do not allow online sales.  projectiondesign is also on my list, I'm hoping to review one of the new Avielo models they announced at CEDIA. That folks is the latest.  I will update, as I get newer information from the manufacturers. As soon as I have reviewed all the key new home theater projectors, I will be starting on our year end 1080p Home Theater Projector Comparison Report.  I hope to publish in December, but, honestly, it's unlikely that I'll have completed all the necessary reviews.  More realistically, expect the report in the 2nd half of January. Hang in there, it's going to be an exciting next three months. I'm particularly excited to see the improvement in black levels compared to last year's crop of higher end projectors, and I'll be looking closely at two new features found on several projectors:   Creative frame interpolation: Epson UB projectors, PT-AE3000U, Sanyo PLV-Z3000 Features supporting letterbox free movie viewing:  Panasonic PT-AE3000U, and Mitsubishi HC7000 Stay tuned!  -art

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