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InFocus Darkchip4 IN83 Projector - Can InFocus raise the bar?

6-24-08:  Our next home theater projector review is the 1080p resolution, InFocus IN83. I just received tracking information from InFocus for my IN83 review projector.  The IN83 is perhaps the first big name Darkchip4 DLP projector to ship. UPS advises that it will arrive tomorrow.  Thursday night it will get fired up, in the theater, and I'll check out it's out of the box performance.   With luck, it will be calibrated by Friday night, and I can spend the weekend doing extensive viewing.  Look for the review to post around 7/8, sooner if I can (don't forget - there's the 4th of July, between now and then.   Not much else to say, other than the IN83 should be almost identical to the IN82 we reviewed earlier this year, with some minor improvements, and one major one - the switch from the Darkchip3 DLP chip, to the newer, higher contrast Darkchip4.  This allows even better black level performance.   I'm extremely interested (as I imagine you are) to see of the IN83 can match the top performing projectors in terms of black level performance (the JVC RS1x, and RS2, the Sony VW40 and VW60, and the Epson UB series.  Until the last year and a half, the coveted black level performance champs had all been DLP, but more recently LCoS projectors (JVC and Sony), as well as the Epson Pro and Home Cinema 1080 UB, have surpassed the best black levels of any of the DLP's I have tested.   This should be really interesting.  And, I've got a JVC, and an Epson here, for direct comparison! The IN83 is one of the more expensive under $10,000 home theater projectors, but then so are most of the competition mentioned above.  InFocus sells the IN83 in the US, only through authorized local installing dealers. Stay tuned.  -art  

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