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JVC DLA-X95R Projector - About as good as 2K Projectors Get...More:

Greetings, just a quick heads up. As previous reported, the JVC DLA-X95R home theater projector is here, and under review. This $11,999 projector is simply an X75R but with hand selected components. It's calibrated, I've watched 50 plus hours so far, and started writing up the review last evening. It will publish this week, maybe tomorrow night, probably Friday. Additional news: JVC just advised that they just shipped us their "entry level" DLA-X35 projector. That will be my next review, and last full review before I start on the annual Home Theater Projector Comparison Report. Finally, I'm trying to bring in a new Acer H9500BD. When we reviewed (and really liked it, our biggest complaint was a minimal Color Management System, preventing a great calibration. As reported since then, Acer has expanded it into a full CMS. I would like to calibrate a new one, update our review, and see how it compares in this year's report (it was a Best In Class winner last year.

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