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New EPSON Pro Cinema G4855WU Projector Pricing Update

Greetings, projectors fans!   As I suspected and mentioned in previous posts this past weekend, the pricing of the Pro Cinema 4855WU was a little suspicious at $4855.  Seemed like a typo, since every Epson projector tends to be priced ending in $..99.     Sure enough I got confirmation back this morning from Epson that the pricing of $4855 on the preliminary projector announcement document sent to me was incorrect. The really good news is that the Pro Cinema G4855WU is far less expensive than I thought.  The official price of this 4000 lumen (4000 color and 4000 white lumens) projector turns out to be far more affordable at only $3799.   That's going to be a lot of bright projector with really good color, for the dollars spent, whether it ends up in your favorite, but less than ideal room be it a living room, family room, or, perhaps a commercial installation such as placing the G4855WU in a sports bar! As noted, The Epson Pro Cinema G4855WU  is a 2D only projector.  See the original posting for all the details:  Pro Cinema G4855WU announcement. Thanks! -art

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