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New Homepage for Projector Reviews - Fixes being made

Greetings, OK, I've received some less than enthusiastic comments about the new operation, though people seem to like the look. Despair NOT! We are fixing the obvious issue - when you click one of the pane buttons, that pane should stay frozen, until you click on a different button, or a link to leave the page. Obviously it's starting back up when the cursor leaves that center area, and it's driving everyone crazy. Just as you get your cursor to the scroll bar, to scroll down, it rotates to a different pane. Yep, we know! Within 24 hours, that will either be corrected, or, more likely, the auto rotate, turned off while that cursor issue is fixed, and some other changes. BTW, thanks for all the feedback, it is helping. I think you'll find the site far more useable by tomorrow evening, and it to be much better still, in a week.

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