Projector Reviews

New light meter – the better to measure your favorite projector

Greetings everyone!

Just a quick heads up, about some changes in terms of our published measurements of projectors.  

MIke, who took over doing our measurements and calibration of projectors this past spring, uses the same gear I had been using previously – an Optic One light sensor, and AVIA Pro software.  

As I have commented on, a couple of times, our projector lumen measurements have consistently come out higher than measurements for the same projector model, recorded by other reviewers.  As mentioned, since we get to review the vast majority of under $10,000 projectors, this wasn’t a big concern, as any inaccuracy would be consistent from review to review.  So, if our measurements have been 20% higher on projector A, than another review site measured, our measurements on projectors B and C, would also be 20% higher.  The bottom line, – our measurements are consistent from projector to projector.  Brighter is still brighter, dimmer, still dimmer.

That changes with our next review, however.  Mike has just started using a new light meter, and is getting new software as well.

We will do measurements between the “old” and the “new” gear, so that going forward you all have a basis for comparing new readings with old.  I can tell you right now, from the first numbers Mike has sent me on the Epson Home Cinema 6500 UB, that the new meter is definitely reporting significantly lower numbers.  Both the new 6500 UB, and the 1080 UB it replaces are supposed to be 1600 lumens.  This time the 6500 UB, however, only measured in the mid 1200’s in brightest mode, compared to mid 1600’s on the 1080 UB.  That is significant.  It should be noted, though, that Mike’s adjustments of “brightest” mode, are more conservative than mine (I allow a little more umph – lumens, tolerating a little less color accuracy than he does for a quick calibration of a brightest mode.)  Note: I did the measurements for the old 1080 UB.  

We’ll get it all sorted out for you, in terms of comparing older reviews, with newer ones.  Meantime, measured lumen numbers won’t change my screen size recommendations, and general commentary, which, while subjective, are based on viewing, not measuring, and therefore will remain consistent, from projector to projector, and are what matters most.

Thanks, and of course happy holidays to everyone out there!  Enjoy  -art