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Greetings, We've received this new 720p Epson projector, and Mike has it now, for measurements and calibration.  I'll get it back on Monday and start running it through its paces.

Sharp XV-Z30000 - Cool

Sharp announced at CES in January, the XV-Z30000 to replace their XV-Z17000. That older Z was the first of the affordable 1080p 3D capable projectors to ship.  I'm looking forward to see what they've accomplished in the over two years since the first one launched. I really like the look of the Sharp projector.  Of course it's the performance we really care about.  I thought this projector would arrive this week, but there seems to be a delay.  Will keep you posted.  -art.  SIM2 is also promising a C3X one of their $40K projectors I believe.  That should arrive before the end of July.  It will be the most expensive projector I've ever reviewed, but I figure it's going to be hard pressed to top the Sony VPL-VW1000ES projector.  On the other hand if it can, it should be pretty amazing. The Sharp XV-Z30000  is rated 1600 lumens, claims a 50,000:1 contrast, and sports a 2:1 power zoom plus lens shift.   The MSRP is $4999.  The market could use a new DLP projector that can compete against the top of the line LCD, and a bunch of LCoS projectors.  Ah, the Z30000 is also 3D capable. That's about it.  I'm taking a wait and see attitude in terms of the SIM2.  Delays seem more common with the highest end projectors I get to work with.  -art

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