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Panasonic PT-AE7000 Projector Arrives Today

PT-AE7000 2D/3D Home Theater Projector

PT-AE7000 2D/3D Home Theater Projector

Greetings all, I received tracking info from Panasonic , showing the PT-AE7000 home theater projector is being delivered this afternoon.  Mike's alerted, to pick it up for immediate calibration.  I'll start working on it tomorrow, and have early thoughts for you on Sunday probably after I've watched a couple of NFL games on it, with the review likely to post next Tues/Wed...? I've been waiting too long for this projector to arrive.  From my earlier peeks, it showed great potential.  And I can't wait to use its lens memory on my 2.35:1 Studiotek 130 screen.  Like the lower cost Epson 3010 we just reviewed, this PT-AE7000 should have plenty of lumens, enough to do a good job on 3D. Of course the best part of most year's reviewing is the almost annual shootout between the latest Panasonic - in this case, the PT-AE7000, and the latest Epson in the same class.  This year that will be the Home Cinema 5010.   If past years are any indication, both will prove to be exceptional values, in terms of both performance and feature sets. Also, seems I should have the Epson 5010 arriving same time I should be finishing the Panasonic up.  That will make sure the Panasonic gets done without delay.  -art

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