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You will be noticing a whole pile of new home theater press releases, on the blog. That's because I've gotten a lot of requests... Problem is, I often do not speak of a new projector except in passing until one is inbound for review. As a result, those who rely primarily on, often were a bit late finding out about such things. Posting the press releases helps solve that communication issue. I'd like also to announce that in a day or 4, we'll put up a second blog - focused on press releases on new projectors for business, education, and home. We're still debating whether to keep putting the new home theater press releases on this blog "the art..", or just to restrict them to the new blog. Your feedback is more than welcome. One more thing. Lori (the wife) handles inputting all the projectors into our database, will be posting the press release blogs, including most of the ones now up... She's not a reviewer, but she's been listening to me babble about this gear for more than 15 years. She will try to flag one or two points she thinks I would consider worthy of mentioning first, before you get into all the manufacturer's hype. For example, on the new JVC projectors press release (tonight hopefully), she points out that the substantial lumen boost is critical for the 3 new RS JVC's because they are all 3D capable (yep blu-ray...), and with 3D, as most of you know, you lose at least 50% of the brightness. That type of tidbit is the kind of thing I've asked Lori to come up with. Often she may ask me for points, but during the show, she'll probably post 5+ releases (most are multiple products), and "she's on her own".

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