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Projector Reviews on social mediaHi everyone! Lisa, Art's daughter, here. You may have seen my named mentioned in a few reviews ("great for my daughter and her friends" or "just waiting on my daughter Lisa for the last couple images - she's in the midst of final exams at school"). If you don't know, I too work here at Projector Reviews. I do a little of everything--image processing for reviews, technical writing for smaller projector comparisons... But most recently, I handle our social media. You may have noticed the recent addition of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn logos around our site. These links and buttons are here to keep YOU in the loop about all things Projector Reviews. If you're involved on any of these social networking platforms, you can now follow, like, share, recommend, watch, or listen to Projector Reviews in more places than just our website... Cool huh? So here's the breakdown:
  • Facebook - Our fastest growing platform, Facebook is the easiest way to stay in tune with PR news. Once you like us on FB, you get notifications about newly posted reviews, press releases and comparisons... Plus you can ask Art questions there too! All of our recent reviews also now contain a "Recommend" feature at the top of their overview pages, where you can share the review on your FB timeline or with friends/colleagues. You can Like us on Facebook here.
  • Twitter - The most streamlined way to follow PR online. We tweet each review as soon as it goes live, so it's easy to stay informed. Never miss a new review again! Follow us on Twitter here.
  • YouTube - Definitely what we're most excited about... Projector Reviews is back on YouTube! We've got a couple of older video reviews and teasers online now, but we've got A LOT of fun new material coming down the pipeline. I've seen the new videos, and they look awesome (and that says something, since they're of my dad)! Stay tuned for a new, fresh and exciting angle of video review! Subscribe here.
  • LinkedIn - Our newest platform, still being built. Connect with us on the web's most professional networking platform by following us here.
  • Spreaker - Tune in to hear audio podcasts by Art himself! Much more fun than reading, and much more immediate than waiting for a review to be published! We use this new technology to report from the floor at trade shows like CES, Infocomm and CEDIA. We also occasionally utilize Spreaker to talk about certain impressive reviews and interesting industry news. Follow us on Spreaker here.
  • Google+ - Not live yet, but in the works. Keep an eye out - we'll let you know when we're up and running!
  That's about it for now folks! Be sure to connect with us on these platforms to maximize your Projector Reviews experience! Quick side note: I know a number of you have requested "friend" status on Facebook with Art directly. However, he tries to keep his friend list limited to personal friends rather than readers and business acquaintances. In order to be in communication with him on Facebook, he recommends you like the Projector Reviews page instead! Thanks!

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