Runco LS10d home theatre projector – Review in final stages


Runco LS-10d Lifestyle series 3c hip DLP projector
Runco's 3 chip DLP LifeStyle LS-10d projector

Just a quick note.  I’ve finished working on Runco’s $27,995 LS10d projector, and am in final write-up mode.  Lisa’s finishing the last of the image processing tonight (resizing, cropping, etc.).

Look for the review to go live late tomorrow.  It’s almost half way completed now, and I’ve still got a couple of hours of writing left in me tonight.

Let me just say the LS10d lived up to its expectations.  I was looking for basically a 1080p equivalent to the 720p LS-7.  That’s what I found.  There is an interesting twist or two, because I’m reviewing the LS10d – the one with the outboard image processor, the DHD4, which is not an option for the lower resolution Runco projector.

I really hope they let me keep it for a few extra months.  If so, my JVC won’t get watched.    The Runco LS-10d is one sweet ride onto the silver screen.  A complaint?  it doesn’t do 3D…   -art

News and Comments

  • Dan

    Hi Art, the link to the review is broken, looking forward to reading it

    • Hi Dan,

      The Runco LS-10d review should be fixed now. Not sure what happened, had to remove and reload the link into the database… Had this problem once before. If that doesn’t do it, try refreshing your cache.

      That was what cured it last time… And should do so in a pinch if it’s not working yet on your computer. We’ve confirmed working on IE, Firefox and Safari…

  • Nuno Sousa

    Hello Art,

    Thank you for your great review of the LS10.

    Can you pleae share with us the Mike’s calibration settings used in your review?

    • Hi Nuno,

      The calibration settings were posted last evening… remember, this is for the LS10d. I suspect that an LS10i will calibrate somewhat differently since it’s not using the DHD4 outboard processor. -art

  • Nuno Sousa

    Ok Art,

    Thank you.

    Can you please tell me the control range of brightness/contrast the LS10d have ?

    My LS10i have the range 0-200 (100 by default).

    The LS10i have the choice of gamma 2.35…and the LS10d?

    kind regards

    • Greetings Nuno,
      I really do not see much hope that the settings used by the DHD processor and LS-10d, would mean much to the LS-10i. Even if the scales are the same, I wouldn’t expect an i and a d to look the same “out of the box” due to the different processing. It’s possible, but I don’t think likely. Meanwhile I emailed Mike, he’s the one who did the calibration, and has the installation codes. I’ll see if he remembers, and if he thinks I’m wrong. -art