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Runco LS10d home theatre projector – Review in final stages


Runco LS-10d Lifestyle series 3c hip DLP projector
Runco's 3 chip DLP LifeStyle LS-10d projector

Just a quick note.  I’ve finished working on Runco’s $27,995 LS10d projector, and am in final write-up mode.  Lisa’s finishing the last of the image processing tonight (resizing, cropping, etc.).

Look for the review to go live late tomorrow.  It’s almost half way completed now, and I’ve still got a couple of hours of writing left in me tonight.

Let me just say the LS10d lived up to its expectations.  I was looking for basically a 1080p equivalent to the 720p LS-7.  That’s what I found.  There is an interesting twist or two, because I’m reviewing the LS10d – the one with the outboard image processor, the DHD4, which is not an option for the lower resolution Runco projector.

I really hope they let me keep it for a few extra months.  If so, my JVC won’t get watched.    The Runco LS-10d is one sweet ride onto the silver screen.  A complaint?  it doesn’t do 3D…   -art