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The 2010 Home Projector Comparison Report is Live

and still being worked on. Greetings all, I'm partially recovered from working on the report, as well as from the Coachella Music Festival this past weekend. BTW, my favorite performers (I only made the Sat and Sunday events, not Friday), were Tom Yorke (without Radiohead), Muse, Pavement, Gorillaz and MGNT and Dead Weather (Jack White).  Others I heard that were very good included XX, Edward Sharp? and for those that like to dance (including me), Tiesto! Then, because I never can get enough, saw the Eagles at the Hollywood Bowl, on Tuesday.  It was cold out there, but great concert.  Make that awesome, especially the all acoustic parts. But, back to life.  As soon as I post these two blogs, I'm going to spend the weekend churning out a pile of side by side comparisons for the report.  The first two should go live late tonight, or by 2pm tomorrow.  My goal is about a dozen, like last year... And yes, it will mostly be comparisons between the awards winners.  Not much point in doing a comparison between two projectors that didn't impress me, (even if one of them impressed some of you), when there are an almost infinite (ok almost 1000) possible side-by-sides with 30 projectors. After the comparisons, I still have to finish the HC6800 review, but that may take a few weeks. I have another project that will bore most of you HT enthusiasts.  I have to publish my annual K-12 Projector Comparison Report for the schools.  It's a priority, as purchasing season for K-12 schools is about to open.  After that... It will be time to finish the HC6800, and start with 3D.  And that will be the topic of the blog to follow in a few minutes. -art

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