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Viewsonic Pro9000 - Home Theater Projector - LED/Laser Lightsource

Greetings, The Viewsonic Pro9000 projector is back in action here.  With the Sony review finished, my attention again turns to this LED/Laser hybrid home theater projector.  Built around the same chassis as their business Pro8300, this new Pro9000 is geared for your home, probably a dedicated theater type room. Mike's already calibrated the Pro9000 and I've been viewing for a few days.  This is a projector that can put out up to (or slightly beyond) 1300 lumens, but is best in more of a theater environment.  While most color modes look pretty good, the one Bright mode, at least on this engineering sample, is weak, color fidelity wise - pale and strong on greens, the current firmware doesn't allow modifying it. The other color modes - including the best, are in the 400 to 750 lumen range.  Calibrated, the Pro8000 measured 448 lumens, enough for the typical 110" diagonal screen for movie viewing.  You can "map" those modes to User 1, or User 2, and from there modify the settings. I will say that color controls are not all that I'd like them to be.  Discussing with Viewsonic, they've already fixed an issue or two (including a flakey User 2, that didn't hold settings), and are addressing some others that I've mentioned.  Personally, I hope the final production versions have controls that would allow Mike to calibrate a bit better.  Actually there is a very nice CMS - color management system for adjusting individual colors. The Color Temp controls though have a single control for each primary color, instead of the two found on most projectors.  Without that second control this Viewsonic will need a touch better color tables to get as precise a calibration as we can do with most others.  After this review, due to the early nature of this unit, I'll be looking for a full production version to take a follow-up look at. Meantime expect my review within the week.  I'm just starting the first photoshoot, and will be checking it out tomorrow, to see how it does with sports - lots of football planned.  Definitely a different projector, and one where you won't have to worry about finding $300 to $500 every year or two, for a new lamp.  The hybrid light source helps the value proposition big time - makes this projector seem relatively inexpensive - for those that are planning to keep their projector for YEARs, not just a year or two.    OK, back to reviewing the Pro9000 projector for me.  -art

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