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Find paragraph descriptions of all our reviews of current business and education projectors (and some older ones). Projectors are listed in chronological order.

LG MiniBeam PF1000U  8/16/2016  Small, but packed with features, LG’s MiniBeam PF1000U is an ultra-short throw projector that includes a TV tuner, wireless networking and one of the most innovative remote controls in the business.

Epson Pro G7905U  8/1/2016  Epson’s new G series flagship, the G7905U, accepts 4K content, uses pixel shifting to enhance 2K and 4K sharpness.  It has 7000 lumens – both color and white, a commercial projector loaded with features.  The $6499 price includes the standard, motorized zoom lens.

Epson Powerlite Pro L1500, L1505 7/8/2016 Aa 12,000 lumen, large venue, pixel shifting,  laser projector with WUXGA resolution, that can accept a full range of 4K content! It seems almost bargain priced at $21,999.

BenQ SU931  7/8/2016  Capable of lighting up a conference room or mid-sized auditorium with sharp vibrant images, this projector excels at economy with an enviable price tag despite combining more than 6,000 lumens of brightness with full HD resolution.

Casio Ecolite XJ-V110W  6/11/2016  Casio’s V series is all about bright, affordable solid state projectors.  The Ecolite XJ-V110W is WXGA and offers 3500 lumens for $799, with a 20,000 LED/Laser light engine.

Epson PowerLite W29  5/25/2016  The Epson Powerlite W29 is a feature laden, yet very affordable projector for classroom or business, suitable for portable use or installation.

Optoma ML750  5/15/2016  Part 2 of our “Millennials and Projectors” series, we explore how this tiny but mighty picoprojector can be useful in a young, mobile person’s life.

ViewSonic PJD7835HD  5/12/2016  The PJD7835 is a relatively small, portable business and education projector with particularly good color in its “best” modes, 1080p resolution, and 3500 white lumens! That’s impressive considering the reasonable $899 list price in the US.

NEC P502WL  4/28/2016  The NEC P502WL is a laser light engine installation lass DLP projector having WXGA, 1280 x 800, resolution and a bright 5000 lumens rated light output.   It offers a lot of features for its $3499 list price.

Epson PowerLite 955WH  4/17/2016  A higher-end model in Epson’s Powerlite 9xx series of classroom projectors.  While Epson markets the PowerLite 955WH as a classroom projector, but it would also be suitable for use in many business/conference room applications.

Optoma EH320USTi  3/18/2016  Optoma bills the EH320USTi as the industry’s first 1080p Ultra Short Throw projector!

NEC UM352W  2/15/2016  This ultra short throw projector earned a Hot Product Award for its combination of solid performance, great features, and a competitive price.

Epson EX7240 Pro  12/7/2015  One of 5 models in Epson’s EX-series of portable business projectors, this one offers WUXGA resolution and an MSRP of $649 (though selling for less). Portable and ready for business or educational applications.

AAXA P700  12/4/2015  An affordable WXGA resolution, 650 lumen pocked LED projector – with a built-in battery!

BenQ MX631ST  11/24/2015  A short throw projector ready for classrooms or conference rooms. Single-chip DLP, XGA, with an unusually long lamp life of up to 10,000 hours in eco mode.

Sony MP-CL1  11/19/2015  This an HD resolution pico projector that is laser powered–that got our attention!

NEC M363W  11/16/2015  This projector combines high brightness with great color and presentation flexibility in a compact package. Great for business and education users alike.

Optoma ML750  11/6/2015  Part of our “Millennials and Projectors” series, we explore how this tiny but mighty pico projector can be useful in a young, mobile person’s life.

Sony VPL-FHZ65  10/22/2015  A laser projector offering high performance and better value than earlier commercial laser projectors.

Epson Powerlite Pro Z10005UNL  8/2/2015  Call it “heavy metal”, or just one serious, high power commercial projector. Feature laden: 10,000 lumens, stackable, Dual lamp, HDBaseT, Advanced Networking.  Built for large venues, museums…

LG MiniBeam PW800 Pocket Projector  7/26/2015  A serious “road warrior’s” projector, with 800 lumens, WXGA resolution, PC Free with built in media player, and MHL.  This “pocket” projector is no toy!

LG MiniBeam PH300 Pocket Projector  7/23/2015  This one pound pocket projector has 300 lumens.  Good for home or for very small group presentations:  720p resolution. OK, a bit of a toy, fun at home, but can be used seriously by the occasional, small room presenter.

Epson Powerlite Pro G6550WU   6/12/2015   WUXGA resolution, 5200 lumens for larger venues, advanced networking, stackable, High performance commercial for the budget minded with an MSRP of $4999.

ViewSonic PJD6350  4/30/2015  The Viewsonic PJD6350 Projector offers networking, big sound, XGA resolution and lots of brightness. It’s PortAll feature lets you project from any wireless MHL compatible dongle.

BenQ HC1200  4/27/2015  Spectacular color fidelity and plenty of flexibility make the HC1200 a winner.  It also has a full array of connection options, including network control capability.  It’s relatively small size and light weight also make it quite portable.

Casio EcoLite XJ-V1  4/21/2015  Casio markets this model as a classroom projector that is also suitable for business applications. It uses a long life hybrid laser/LED light source, which is  unusual to for a projector in this price range. Special Interest award!

ViewSonic PJD5555w  4/10/2015  The Viewsonic PJD5555w projector sits at the top of Viewsonic’s 5000 series of affordable projectors. The Viewsonic PJD5555w offers lots of horsepower in a small, low-cost package.

InFocus IN126STa  4/1/2015  The InFocus IN126STa is a portable DLP projector with networking and short throw lens. MSRP $779!

NEC  NP-PA521U  2/18/15  A commercial/professional installation projector that is aimed for the corporate and higher-end education markets.  It is rated for a high 5200 lumens brightness, offers extensive wired and optional wireless networking, flexible mounting options, interchangeable lenses and support for multi-projector commercial applications.

Epson Brightlink Pro 1430Wi  2/4/2015  The 1430Wi is an ultra short throw, interactive projector, specified with 3300 lumens of light output that offers a lot of features for its $2999 price.

Epson Powerlite 1985WU  1/4/2015  This is one of a new breed of affordable high brightness projectors suitable for medium and larger venues.  100″ screens even in bright rooms handled well.

Panasonic PT-RZ670BU   12/1/2014  This large, heavy and bright commercial business projector uses a laser light engine. It isn’t your typical business projector, rather it is a highly flexible projector suitable for use at trade shows, large venue presentations, staging, and commercial rental applications.

Sony VPL-CH375  11/25/14  This Sony is a new classroom and conference room projector from Sony.  It has a bright 5000 lumens specification and Sony indicates this model is ideal for Education, Visitor Attractions and Museums, Corporate Presentations, and Public Sector.

Casio XJ-UT310WN  10/17/14  This 3100 lumen Casio projector is an ultra-short throw with a 20,000 hour led/laser light source, that is suitable for classroom or conference room.   A single chip DLP projector with WXGA resolution, it  can be positioned only inches from the screen, either on a table or mounted to the wall directly above.

NEC NP-L102W  9/5/14  This NEC is a nicely compact LED projector with WXGA resolution (1280×800) primarily suitable as a lightweight portable business and education projector.  The NEC almost hit its 1000 lumen claim, whereas few LED projectors get even close to published specs.

Hitachi CP-TW2503  8/30/14  This ultra-short throw classroom/boardroom interactive boasts 2700 lumens, comes with 2 interactive pens, offers native WXGA resolution, and supports wired and wireless networking and connection to iOS and Android mobile devices. Also compatible with AMX controllers and Crestron e-Control.

Epson BrightLink 595Wi  8/9/14  This is an ultra short-throw, interactive projector that sports 3300 lumens and finger-touch user input interactive technology. Suitable for both K-12 and higher education applications. Hot Product Award!

ASK Proxima C3327W-A  5/16/14  This portable WXGA projector is a no-frills, low-cost powerhouse. It provides a terrific combination of high brightness and excellent color fidelity.

Epson BrightLink 585Wi  5/15/14 Epson’s ultra-short throw BrightLink 585Wi pumps out 3300 lumens, creating an extremely sharp image. Many interactive tools built in, major support from third party vendors, two-pen system. Best in Classroom ultra-short throw projector!

ASK Proxima E1655U  4/23/14  This projector is an excellent performer that produces a sharp, bright image with very good color fidelity. Good set of features, solid performance, no major weaknesses, and measured more lumens than claimed. Great for large venues. Special Interest Award!

ViewSonic PJD6544W  4/16/14  This well-priced, fairly portable projector pulls its weight. With more than sufficient brightness, 16W speaker, smart network capabilities, and more, it is ideal for business applications and classrooms.

Epson VS335W  4/16/14  This entry-level WXGA business model sells for only $529! And while it doesn’t have the features of some more expensive models, it offers very good performance and excellent value for that modest price point.

Asus P2B  4/3/14  With a quick set up, built-in battery with 90min. run time, PC-free presentations, internal memory, microSD/USB inputs, and the ability to directly display a wide assortment of photo, video and audio formats, this pocket projectors is great for business travelers.

Epson EX5230 Pro  3/30/14  This is a portable 3LCD projector intended for business applications (e.g., conference room presentations). It puts far more light than any pico model and provides a bright image even with large screen sizes.

Epson PowerLite 99W  3/20/14  This projector provides a bright, sharp image with good color accuracy. It boasts easy set up, some very bright modes that can tackle ambient light in a classroom, and is small enough to be considered a portable projector that could easily be moved between classrooms and conference rooms.

NEC NP-UM330W  2/15/14  The NP-UM330W is an exceptionally sharp ultra-short throw projector that offers 3300 lumens and a better than most value proposition. Networking is standard, and wireless networking is optional.

Epson PowerLite 1965  2/4/14  A seriously bright 3LCD projector for classrooms, conference rooms and even larger facilities, thanks to 5000 lumens.  Wireless networking, XGA resolution, and 10 watts of audio, enough to carry the day in most rooms.

Acer K335  2/3/14  This is a versatile WXGA (1280 X 800) DLP pocket projector with enough light output to deal with less than ideal lighting conditions despite its small size.

Sony VPL-FHZ55  2/3/14  Sony’s laser projector was one of the most talked about this year at the trade shows.  Sony produces excellent color, from a long life laser engine. Hot Product Award!

Epson PowerLite Pro G6900WU  1/20/14  A 6000 lumen projector with a long list of bells and whistles, interchangeable lenses HDBaseT, networking – a serious install, or rental and staging projector with very good color

Elmo Boxi T-200  1/6/14  This 150 lumen pocket projector is small, lightweight, and sports WXGA resolution and an HDMI input.  One of the lowest cost pocket projectors and very good color for the class.

Optoma GT760  12/27/13  While Optoma markets the GT760 as a gaming projector with WXGA resolution, it has everything you need for a solid low cost business projector – WXGA resolution of 1280×800, decent sound from its audio system,

Optoma ML550  7/16/13  This popular DLP pocket projector is well endowed, one of the brightest, with 500 lumens, plus a media player that can play images and Microsoft Office files, WXGA resolution.  20,000 hour LED light source, micro-SD card slot.

Ricoh PJ WX4130N  10/15/13  Business and Education users:  This ultra-short throw projector is both bright and fairly portable. While mirrored projection is nothing new, Ricoh created an interesting, fairly compact unit that could be used almost anywhere.

Panasonic PT-RW430UK  9/12/13  With great color, brightness and sharpness, not to mention an impressively long lamp life with hybrid LED/laser light technology, this Panasonic gets you great performance at a modest price. Hot Product Award for sure!

Epson BrightLink Pro 1410Wi  9/9/13  This ultra-short throw projector builds on the award winning BrightLink 485Wi. Epson piles on the interactive, networking and communications features. 3200+ measured lumens.  Truly impressive feature set.

NEC NP-PE401H  9/4/13  While it may not be a standout in any one area, this NEC projector is a solid performer all around. Bright with good color rendition and excellent sharpness, this 1080p projector is unique and will definitely impress.

Canon REALiS LE- 5W  8/3/13  Not only is this Canon bright for its pocket size and extremely sharp, but it also boasts an LED light source (and a 20,000 hour lamp life) and superior color fidelity. Hot Product Award!

*HB Opto HBP503D  6/2/13  Here’s a pocket projector that output 275 lumens!  Highlights include the optional battery pack which attaches and lasts 2 hours.  HDMI, WXGA, PC Free, and 3D (with two pair of glasses). Really good color too.  Two awards!

BenQ MS517  05/25/13  This BenQ is both portable and affordable. With SVGA (800×600) resolution, the MS517 is especially suited for K-12 schools on a budget. It is also very energy efficient, and supports 3D… Even Blu-ray 3D! A strong projector.

Casio XJ-H2650  5/16/2013  This Casio education projector is a fine choice for school and district administrators shopping for a projector with low maintenance costs.  It’s the brightest LED/Laser projector yet from Casio.  With an LED/laser light source lamp, it can last up to 20,000 hours. It also boasts a great 3 year warranty. Special Interest Award!

Optoma TW610STi+  4/25/2013  This projector is formidable competition in the short throw interactive business and K-12 category. Equipped with a full spread of inputs and an interactive pen, the TW610STi+ is capable of connecting and interacting with just about anything during your presentations.

Canon REALiS WX6000  4/24/2013  The WX6000 is an excellent performer that produces a sharp, bright image with superior color fidelity. If you’re in the market for a large venue projector that can handle a fair amount of ambient light while still providing a clear presentation, the Canon WX6000 certainly deserves your consideration.

Epson W16SK  4/23/2013  This W16SK consists of two projectors stacked together to allow for exceptionally bright 3D (and 2D).  Low cost passive 3D glasses create a better solution in the classroom and training room thanks to inexpensive glasses.

Mitsubishi WD390U-EST  4/17/2013  Mitsubishi’s “Cloud” projector is a single chip DLP projector with an ultra-short throw lens, 3000 lumens. It presents from local computers, from distant computers on a network (or “cloud”), plus PC free presentations.  iPads and other mobile devices can control the presentations, giving this projector interactive abilities. Extremely impressive.

NEC NP-M311X  04/16/2013  NEC delivers a business and education projector with good color, sharpness and brightness considering its small package. From wireless compatibility with iPads to an excellent lamp warranty, the NEC is equipped with features to make your presenting life easier.   Value!

Epson BrightLink 436Wi  04/11/2013  Epson’s strong new interactive projector was designed with educators in mind. The 436Wi learns quickly and offers some unique features, such as annotation with or without a laptop.  Epson’s interactive projectors have always been among the best.

ViewSonic PJD5533w  3/24/13  Designed for the budget-conscious, this ViewSonic is appealing for school districts and small businesses. While it lacks any serious networking capabilities, the PJD5533w gets you an excellent performance for its price.

NEC NP-VE281X  3/16/13  The NEC VE281X is a solid performer and real road warrior. Designed to be fairly compact and simple to operate, it is a bright and 3D ready XGA projector with nice image quality.

InFocus IN114  2/7/13  Sharp, 3D ready, bright and with long lamp life, this InFocus ultra portable projector is a strong performer. Great for road warriors, and educators who need a projector that can grow with technology.

ViewSonic PJD6383S  2/4/13  Receiving our Special Interest Award, the PJD6383S pretty much ticks all the boxes when making a list of the desired features in a short throw, multimedia projector. Bright, accurate color, quiet operation and a great warranty!

Mitsubishi WL7200U  11/10/12  This Mitsubishi small install is a very capable performer. Excellently bright, reasonably quiet, sharp and well-saturated–a terrific value with a street price under $3000!

Acer H5360  10/5/12  A lot of projector at a good price! Not only is this Acer a great choice in the conference room, but it is also suited for part time home entertainment use.

*AAXA P4-X  9/18/12  This is one of the more full featured pico projectors available. Claiming 80 lumens on AC and 45 on battery the P4-X is also one of the brightest in its class.  Media Player, HDMI, USB, mini-tripod included. Earns a Special Interest award.

Sony VPL-FH30  9/4/12  Winner of our Hot Product Award, this commercial Sony projector offers high brightness, excellent color balance, an excellent warranty, and optional lenses that allow for installation a wide range of distances from the screen. Versatile and well endowed, we like this one.

ViewSonic PRO8300  8/21/12  Aimed directly at business, this full 1080P HD projector offers good brightness, a sharp image and great color accuracy. For a very competitive price you also get two HDMI and nice portability relative to other projectors full HD projectors.

*ViewSonic PJD7820HD  8/5/13  ViewSonic rocks the house with a measured 3500+ lumens, 3D, and native 1080p resolution for $699. Breakthrough price performance. A value as a portable business projector or as a bright, entry level home entertainment projector.

Optoma PK320  07/10/12  The coolest little pico projector around! Very capable and with a street price of around $400, this Optoma is not only a great bargain but also a great investment!

Canon REALiS WUX4000  6/14/12  This LCoS projector is 1920×1200 WUXGA resolution, providing a super crisp image. It’s bright at 4000 lumens, has great color, is easy to use, and has great connectivity.

BenQ LW61ST  05/31/12  This BenQ is a very strong business and education projector. Earning our Best in Classroom Projector Award in this year’s Classroom Projector Report, it boasts a 20,000 hour laser light source, great color in all modes and extensive interfacing. You can hook it up to virtually any source and go.

Panasonic PT-VX400NT  05/15/12  Compact and bright with great color and sharpness, we like the Panasonic. Capable of wireless presentation from an iPhone, iPad or iPod, it’s versatile too! Special Interest Award.

Epson PowerLite 435W 4/30/12  This projector has proven to be a real performer in the ever growing, short throw class, of projectors. With its measured brightness of 2639 lumens, the 435w has more than enough power to handle just about any environment!

Epson PowerLite Pro Z8450WUNL  4/25/12  7000 lumens, and WUXGA (1920×1200) with six lens options. A commercial projector for about $15,000 (NL is “No Lens included”). Exceptional feature set, including Edge Blending, Dynamic Iris, Multi-projector use, advanced networking, off axis operation, split screen, DICOM. A rental and staging projector, or command and control, auditorium, scientific and medical applications…  Hot Product Award.

Optoma ZX210ST  4/24/12  A feature-laden small XGA multimedia projectors we’ve reviewed here at Projector Reviews! Great sharpness, very good brightness and color, but the highlight is that it’s a reasonably bright (about 1500 lumens) LED projector! Plus 3D, PC-Free, USB, SD presenting.

Epson BrightLink 485Wi  4/22/12  Overall, Epson has produced a ultra short throw interactive projector that is easy to use, easy to set up, and is priced right. Previous versions won our Best In Classroom award two years in a row.

Mitsubishi WD380U-EST  4/14/12  This Ultra Short Throw WXGA DLP projector is a very capable performer with every type of input you could want. Features include 3D capability, PC-Free presenting from USB, 2800 lumens, networking with notifications, Mic input.

Optoma ML-500  4/6/12  DLP pocket projector – that’s a large pico projector – led light source, claiming a massive (for such projectors) 500 lumens.  LED light source rated at 20,000 hours.  A really small projector with LED light source that’s actually bright enough for a decent sized room!

*Viewsonic PLED-W500  2/1/2012  This roughly two and a half pound DLP projector has a 20,000 hour LED light source, and puts over 400 lumens on the screen. Built-in media player with 1GB memory makes computer-free a big advantage for this small projector. Great warranty too.

Acer K330  1/23/12  A pocket projector (too big to be a pico), small, and under 3 pounds with a 20,000 hour LED light source for low cost of operation. Measured 424 lumens, impressive for this class of projector. Very good color, and very sharp. Check it out!

Casio XJ-M145  10/2/11  This Casio deserves serious consideration for your school district or business! It boasts LED/laser light source that never needs replacing, a great warranty, wireless networking and 3D readiness… Extremely low cost of operation. Our Hot Product Award, for sure!

Vivitek QUMI  9/8/11  This incredibly compact mini projector, weighing in at just 1.4 lbs., does well against the competition! It boasts great color rendition, a long light life thanks to its LED light source, and 3D capability!

Epson PowerLite Pro G5450WUNL  8/24/11  Boasting impressive brightness, sharpness, color reproduction and depth, this Epson should be among the top choices for board rooms and smaller sized auditoriums!

Sharp PG-D45X3D  5/20/11  The brightest of the 3D capable projectors considered in our Classroom report, it offers excellent color, and ample brightness in 3D! Sharp combines premium 3D performance with affordable price. A Hot Product Award winner. Great for Biz and Science.

Hitachi CP-AW250N  5/16/11  This Hitachi projector is a true Ultra-short throw projector, that sits only a few inches from the screen or wall, keeping the bright light out of the presenter’s eyes.

Sony VPL-EX175  4/15/11  Sony’s flagship education market projector combines a very good price with a rather impressive key feature set. It delivers key capabilities including networking, closed captioning, exceptional brightness, and very good image quality.

Epson PowerLite 96W  4/10/11  This Epson packs a lot of punch for its price. Winner of our 2011-12 Best In Classroom Award. Bright, sharp, feature laden, advanced networking, low cost of operation!

*Viewsonic Pro8200  1/31/11  This sub-$1000 cross-over home entertainment projector is equally suitable as a low cost business projector. One of the brightest, affordable home projectors. A little “rough around the edges”, but a solid value!

*Projectors marked with an asterisk are considered “crossover” products. They are relatively low cost, and the bulk of their design comes from business projectors. However, they are also optimized in some ways that make them suitable as affordable home entertainment projectors.