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Essentially there are close to 70 manufacturers selling projectors in the United States and the EU. These would be companies fully set up with distribution, service, and support. There are literally hundreds of other manufacturers, primarily, Chinese, that do sell projectors, mostly the very small Pico ones. We do not track those because even when available, from companies like, we cannot be sure of whether they offer professional support and service. Therefore, these are the major manufacturers you should be considering. If we were to really break it down, there are no more than a dozen companies in the home entertainment and home theater space. Almost all of which would be counted among the top 30 manufacturers of business and education projectors.

BenQ Projectors

BenQ is a Taiwanese manufacturer of projectors, best known in the United States for their home theater projectors. BenQ offers a reasonable selection of business and school projectors, including anything from pico projectors and sub-1 pound “micro-portable” projectors to small commercial projectors. BenQ projectors almost use exclusively DLP technology, although recently BenQ has been adding LCD projectors to its lineup. In the home theater space, BenQ has scored more than their fair share of awards from over the years. BenQ tends to be an innovator, such as being the first DLP projector manufacturer to offer lens shift on medium and lower-priced projectors. We offer an extensive database to help you find the right BenQ projector for you.

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Canon Projectors

Canon produces high-resolution business projectors that are loaded with industry leading technology that give Canon projectors a competitive edge. Canon projectors provide sufficient brightness and clear picture for presentations. Canon’s reputation for cameras follows through to Canon projectors and are widely used by people who are primarily concerned with exellent color accuracy. Canon projectors are also used for the purpose of reproducing medical images in high resolution detail. This is a testament to the scientific innovations of Canon projector technology. Interestingly, Canon does not make home theater projectors! Learn more about Canon projectors. We offer resources and plenty of Canon projector reviews here.

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Dell Projectors

Dell projectors use DLP technology. The innovations of the DLP chip deliver consistent picture quality, reliability, and are available at an affordable price point. Dell projectors offer high contrast, excellent brightness, and an affordable cost. Dell primarily specializes in light weight portables from pico projectors on up and is one of the top sellers of portable projectors in the United States. We have all the resources here to help guide you to the Dell projector that meets your requirements.

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Epson Projectors

Epson is the number one projector manufacturer in the world and is a dominant player in all markets in the United States, including home theater projectors, business projectors and education projectors. Epson makes only projectors with LCD technology and also makes the LCD panels for just about everybody else – Mitsubishi, Sanyo, Panasonic, and many others. .

Epson is the only company offering multiple all-in-one projectors, including their MovieMate line, and their complete Epson projector-based home theaters that consist of the projector, a screen, speakers, and a DVD player – the Epson Ensemble HDs. Epson projectors have won more awards on than those of any other manufacturer, but, in fairness, Epson also makes more projectors than any of its competition. Our database covers an extensive line of Epson projector models. Learn everything you need to know about Epson projectors, including reviews and helpful resources

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Hitachi Projectors

Hitachi has long been one of the top-selling brands of business and education projectors. Hitachi does not dabble in home theater projectors. Hitachi’s line covers from extremely small to large, powerful projectors, and Hitachi’s primary focus is the education market, both for K12 and higher education. Hitachi does claim to have the #1 market share in education projectors. Hitachi, like Epson, is one of the few large manufactures that opt to only use LCD technology in their projectors. We invite you to search through our helpful database to find the specifications you’re looking for in a Hitachi projector.

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InFocus Projectors

InFocus is the last surviving big name in American projectors and is likely still the most recognized brand in the industry. A decade ago, InFocus was more than just a brand – people would say “I need an InFocus” when they needed a projector, just as one would ask for a “Kleenex” when wanting a tissue or “Aspirin” when they had a headache. In 2009, publicly traded InFocus was purchased and is now a private company only manufacturing and selling projectors for business, education, and home.

InFocus projectors still remain some of the most highly regarded in the industry, having won many awards when has reviewed them. InFocus is one of the dominant manufacturers of business and K-12 projectors, most of which use DLP technology. Although there is a lot more competition out there today, InFocus is still considered a premier brand in projectors. Feel free to peruse our extensive database that will assist you in finding the Infocus projector that you’re looking for.

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LG Projectors

LG projectors are relatively new in the US market, but models sold in the EU and elsewhere have been around for several years. LG is expanding it’s lineup. LG’s flagship CF3D 3D projector, is a commercial projector used in home, education, business, and scientific applications. LG has a strong presence in the pico and portable projector markets, plus hme theater as well. LG is in the process of significantly increasing its US market visibility, with new models.

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Optoma Projectors

Optoma is one of the largest sellers of business and home theater projectors in the United States. With about two-dozen models total, Optoma is perhaps the best known manufacturer of the smallest projectors, the Pico projectors. One of their models took top honors in our recent Pico Projector Report. Search our database, read our projector reviews. Peruse the Optoma resources here.

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