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Projector Reviews: Established 2003 (website URL goes back to 2000)
Projector Reviews reorganized as Projector Reviews, Inc. June 2008

Website: www.ProjectorReviews.com

Mission: To utilize skills and experience to build the best AV resource, research and advice site on the internet: ProjectorReviews.com.

Put into different words:  To help the most people make the right choices when purchasing a business, education or home theater projector! And with our new redesign, we thought we’d try for user friendly, and modern, too!

Headquarters: San Clemente, CA.

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For information on advertising or becoming a sponsor: reviewer@projectorreviews.com

Problems or comments about the website design or functionality: webmaster@projectorreviews.com

Art attempts to answer as many projector oriented questions as time allows: For those with questions choosing projector, screen, etc., be advised, the best way to get a response is to leave your question as a comment into any appropriate blog entry.  Facebook and Youtube posted comments will get answered, but they are not suitable for any sort of in-depth answers.

When Art is responding, please keep this in mind: To have the time to answer dozens of requests each week, (most with multiple questions), he doesn’t have the time to research items already stated in the reviews. (So don’t ask about placement distances, since every review’s Tour page provides that info.) That means he’s working from memory (and there’s a lot of projector information crammed in that memory).

Vague questions do not get answered. “What should I buy?” without supporting info such as desired screen size, room lighting, what you watch (movies, sports, etc.)budget, particular features needed or desired (within that general budget), are basic pieces of information, without which Art cannot provide an intelligent answer.

Generally please do not send diagrams or photos, etc. Art will answer questions that take a few minutes, there is no time to deal with images, etc.  If you have some, you can let us know.

If we give you advice helping in your projector selection our fee is that we ask you to provide feedback to us, a week or two after you purchase a new projector, or whatever other changes, whether for business, or home.

We rely heavily on the feedback so we can speak about user satisfaction with different projectors, likes, dislikes… It is helpful to us, and even more helpful to other people reading about business, education, or home theater projectors.

He will provide detailed consulting if desired, at $300/hour, one hour minimum.

Comments on our articles and reviews: reviewer@projectorreviews.com

To write to the company:

Projector Reviews, Inc.
429 E. Avenida Cordoba
San Clemente, CA 92672

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We do not share our subscriber lists or email lists with any third parties.  Our subscriber processing is managed through Paypal.  We do not store any credit card information on our site for any reason.


Manufacturers, Advertisers: For information on obtaining usage rights for award logos, mastheads, or any content from any of the reviews on this site please contact Art, at: reviewer@projectorreviews.com.

Any usage without proper permission is strictly prohibited. You are welcome to make a link to any Web pages that Projector Reviews has published without requesting permission.

However, all information, documents, communications, files, text, graphics, software, and products available through the site (collectively, the ‘Materials’) are licensed for use under the copyright law and must not be used (including content placed on any other site), without our express permission in writing. The Projector Reviews logo is an official ‘trademark.’ Its use is reserved solely for this Web site, or other products of Projector Reviews. Use of the Projector Reviews, Masthead, Best in Class, or Hot Product Award logos without prior written approval is prohibited. If you have not signed a licensing agreement with Double J Permissions, LLC, you do not have permission to use any of its ‘Materials’. Copyright © Projector Reviews 2004 – 2011 All Rights Reserved.

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All original content on this site is the property of and copyrighted by Projector Reviews, Inc. or Art Feierman. All Trademarks are the property of Projector Reviews, Inc. or Art Feierman

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Additional Background

Over the years, I have had the privilege to write articles on projectors for a number of national magazines, both industry specific, and industry related, including Government Video, Sales and Marketing Strategies, Human Capital, Church Executive… In addition I have contributed to articles in a much larger group of publications, including Presentations Magazine, Selling Power, ProAV… as well as various websites.345

I have also spoken at Infocomm, the Display Industry’s largest US tradeshow, regarding current and future projector capabilities, and how they affect the decision process. (a seminar aimed at an audience of IT and AV professionals). In addition, I have presented at businesses, universities, medical conferences, and other venues, relating to the use of today’s presentation technologies.

On the lighter side, I returned to school in ’77-78, to take computer courses, and while doing so, installed lighting and sound in a couple of clubs (think disco). From there I became the DJ of Daddi’s, one of the largest clubs in Phila., during that time. (Much fun!) I continued to DJ in the evenings, as I started managing what was the first computer store in the state of Pa. (yes, it was there a couple years before I became manager). I do like being on the leading edge of things!

Meet the Staff

President, Editor
Art Feierman
Storyteller-in-Chief: Handles almost all of the home theater projector reviews, finds the sponsors and advertisers, and generally uses educated guesses to try to figure out what our readers are looking for.

Part-time Employees
Lori Feierman
Operations, billing, data entry…Keeping things running, keeping Art sane!

Independent Contractors

Here at Projector Reviews Inc., we also periodically use a number of independent contractors for maintaining the website, working as contributing writers, etc.:.

Nikki Kahl – Writes reviews, handles video production and post-production, designs graphics for each post, writes articles and blogs for the site, and is responsible for “internal” social media content generation and placement, as well as managing the other independent contractors.

Chris Kahl – Reviewer, inputs content into the website.

Eric Pfoutz – Professional, ISF Certified Calibrator, responsible for calibrating all the home theater projectors that we choose to calibrate prior to their reviews.

Shira Gabry-Kalikow – Writer, responsible for writing occasional blogs and articles.

We also contract to companies for services such as Accounting Web Design and SEO.

And previously:

Lyle Silverman – Reviewer (background – former teacher, and general techie!)

Lisa Feierman
“The daughter”  handled most of the same functions that Nikki handles today, except that Lisa only wrote a few reviews. She handled  the social media aspects of site, day-to-day webwork, image processing, writing, and editing of our Projector Reviews TV videos.  I drafted her before she started high school.  

Mike Rollet
Mike reviewed projectors, primarily business / education ones, including the larger ones.  He also calibrated all the home theater projectors for us.  He is THX certified, and one of those retired engineers that like many gravitated to home theater.  Long ago, he taught Art to calibrate projectors, but Art never liked doing it. (I still don’t!)

Ron Jones
Another retired engineer, he penned  a blog for us, and wrote reviews, before “retiring” from us early 2017.  His focus was on the technology. Art’s into the tech, but is no engineer–Ron kept him humble.

Darryl Graves
We found Darryl through the AV department of a local college, and he did our Projector Reviews TV video editing under Lisa’s direction, until hired away by Red, the commercial digital camera company used by movie studios.

Pete Conneley
Wrote our gaming blog. Like Art – he graduated Penn State, but as an engineer – he moved on from us when he got his first full time job.

Tony Arrigo
My webmaster at my last company, a friend.  Tony reviewed projectors, primarily portable and education projectors, also pocket projectors, and periodically helps us figure out tough website problems, but has not been active with us the past  7+ years.

Scott Pringle

Scott was our first employee, while still in school.  He was there shortly after we launched the old Presenting Solutions on the web in 1995.  He grew with us, helped with web.  Eventually he moved on to his own company, focusing on databases and CRM.  We still have one “legacy” system on our current 2019 site, that he designed for us back in 2013.

Equipment and Affiliate Disclosures

All of our reviews and articles are written objectively and honestly with our readers’ best interest in mind.

We never accept payment or merchandise in exchange for any reviews or reports we publish on this site. We never let manufacturers or retailers influence our reviews.

That said, we use affiliate links (only Amazon, at this time) on this website that compensate us when you purchase products mentioned in our reviews. Affiliate links do NOT affect the price you pay. Affiliate links make up only a tiny percent of our income. For 2018, we estimate that to be 0.1% of revenues!

Projector Reviews revenue streams consist primarily of advertising and sponsorships paid for by manufacturers, trade groups (such as DLP.com and 3LCD.com), and advertising dealers. In addition, we do charge manufacturers for:

  • Permissions Programs
    • To use quotes and our award graphics (i.e. Hot Product Awards, Best in Class award, Best in Classroom awards)
    • To create video summaries of our reviews – based on our reviews.  Manufacturers have no say in video content.  The first time a manufacturer normally sees a video permission that we create, is when we post it on our site, and deliver it to them for their own use.
  • Advertorials and Feature Sponsorships
    • In 2018, we began offering placements on our Homepage for a Feature Sponsorship. This consists of a photo and a link to an advertorial on our site. What is unique about our advertorial program, is that we create it here at Projector Reviews. Because it is paid for by a manufacturer they do get to review it before publishing, and run past their legal departments, but full editorial control rests with Projector Reviews. Our goal in creating these local “advertorials” is to create a useful document for our readers that points out the strengths of a product, but without most of the hype. Often manufacturers are buying these as part of their launch of a new projector, so they run the sponsorship before we have a chance to review the product.
    • A manufacturer, instead of having us create an advertorial, can instead have the Feature sponsorship point to their own site (like any banner might), to a product page, or their own crafted advertorial.  Any advertorial running on our site, created by a manufacturer, however, has to be approved for content by Projector Reviews.

Review Products Received

We review projectors, an occasional screen, and once in a while, an accessory. Equipment, notably projectors, are lent to Projector Reviews by their respective manufacturers. Normal policy is that we return products in a 4-6 week timeframe (sometimes though projectors may “hang around” for many months – typically unused). Manufacturers send us shipping labels to return them.

The exception, in terms of projectors, over the years have been a few of those entry-level pico projectors – usually worth a few hundred dollars. Manufacturers don’t seem to want them back.  Mostly they sit around for a year or two and then are thrown away. They have no value to us, except as a product to review, and they become obsolete very quickly.

A variation on that exception has started recently. We have convinced two manufacturers to provide us projectors to give away as part of our drawings which we started in the summer of 2018. This year (2018), we will have given away two low cost projectors and some home automation gear (the home automation gear may have been received for review by our other site: SmarterHomeAutomation.com, or purchased with the intent of giving it away).

Projector Screens: over the years, this has been an exception. Art, and most of our reviewers (contractors), have received screens to use from manufacturers. Most major screen manufacturers will provide reviewers a screen free of charge. Because of that, we get to select screens that best fit our reviewing needs, with no need for any brand loyalty. With the exception of a single screen (one of Art’s), which was paid for, these screens remain the property of their respective manufacturers. Since those manufacturers never seem to want a used, mounted screen back, eventually we get to dispose of them (over the years we have donated a couple, and simply thrown out more).

In some cases, we will write a review of one of these screens. In such cases, our reviewers are instructed to write the review from an end user standpoint, not that of a reviewer. Why you ask? Because to be a good reviewer it is important to have the opportunity to review a number of competing products. We don’t have that opportunity, so no one has reviewed two or three competing screens in all the years we’ve been publishing our reviews. We typically review less than one screen a year!

All reviewers (except for Art Feierman – editor and president of Projector Reviews Inc.) are contractors. As such, they have little contact with manufacturers. Manufacturers almost always ask for a chance to answer questions when we’re reviewing their products, via conference call. In most cases, we pass on that opportunity. We prefer to publish first, then, if the manufacturer finds an error in our work, (it happens) or thinks we could better explain something, or forgot something important, they are welcome to point that out to us. When we feel their points are valid, and it will improve the usefulness and accuracy of the review, we will typically update that review in an appropriate manner.

All considered, our credibility is most important. We publish only online, so do not have the “separation of church and state” issues of print publishers. If readers on the web don’t find us credible (especially the large forums), that will drastically affect how well we do on Google search and others. High credibility = great search rankings = high site traffic. Low credibility = poor search rankings and a failed site. We prefer the former!  -art

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