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Projector Reviews: Established 2003 (website URL goes back to 2000)
Projector Reviews reorganized as Projector Reviews, Inc. June 2008

Website: www.ProjectorReviews.com

Mission: To utilize skills and experience to build the best AV resource, research and advice site on the internet: ProjectorReviews.com.

Put into different words:  To help the most people make the right choices when purchasing a business, education or home theater projector! And with our new redesign, we thought we’d try for user friendly, and modern, too!

Headquarters: San Clemente, CA.

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For information on advertising or becoming a sponsor: [email protected]

Problems or comments about the website design or functionality: [email protected]

Art attempts to answer as many projector oriented questions as time allows: For those with questions choosing projector, screen, etc., be advised, the best way to get a response is to leave your question as a comment into any appropriate blog entry.  Facebook and Youtube posted comments will get answered, but they are not suitable for any sort of in-depth answers.

When Art is responding, please keep this in mind: To have the time to answer dozens of requests each week, (most with multiple questions), he doesn’t have the time to research items already stated in the reviews. (So don’t ask about placement distances, since every review’s Tour page provides that info.) That means he’s working from memory (and there’s a lot of projector information crammed in that memory).

Vague questions do not get answered. “What should I buy?” without supporting info such as desired screen size, room lighting, what you watch (movies, sports, etc.)budget, particular features needed or desired (within that general budget), are basic pieces of information, without which Art cannot provide an intelligent answer.

Generally please do not send diagrams or photos, etc. Art will answer questions that take a few minutes, there is no time to deal with images, etc.  If you have some, you can let us know.

If we give you advice helping in your projector selection our fee is that we ask you to provide feedback to us, a week or two after you purchase a new projector, or whatever other changes, whether for business, or home.

We rely heavily on the feedback so we can speak about user satisfaction with different projectors, likes, dislikes… It is helpful to us, and even more helpful to other people reading about business, education, or home theater projectors.

He will provide detailed consulting if desired, at $300/hour, one hour minimum.

Comments on our articles and reviews: [email protected]

To write to the company:

Projector Reviews, Inc.
429 E. Avenida Cordoba
San Clemente, CA 92672

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Additional Background

Over the years, I have had the privilege to write articles on projectors for a number of national magazines, both industry specific, and industry related, including Government Video, Sales and Marketing Strategies, Human Capital, Church Executive… In addition I have contributed to articles in a much larger group of publications, including Presentations Magazine, Selling Power, ProAV… as well as various websites.345

I have also spoken at Infocomm, the Display Industry’s largest US tradeshow, regarding current and future projector capabilities, and how they affect the decision process. (a seminar aimed at an audience of IT and AV professionals). In addition, I have presented at businesses, universities, medical conferences, and other venues, relating to the use of today’s presentation technologies.

On the lighter side, I returned to school in ’77-78, to take computer courses, and while doing so, installed lighting and sound in a couple of clubs (think disco). From there I became the DJ of Daddi’s, one of the largest clubs in Phila., during that time. (Much fun!) I continued to DJ in the evenings, as I started managing what was the first computer store in the state of Pa. (yes, it was there a couple years before I became manager). I do like being on the leading edge of things!

Meet the Staff

President, Editor
Art Feierman
Storyteller-in-Chief: Handles almost all of the home theater projector reviews, finds the sponsors and advertisers, and generally uses educated guesses to try to figure out what our readers are looking for.

Part-time Employees
Lori Feierman
Operations, billing, data entry…Keeping things running, keeping Art sane!

Here at Projector Reviews Inc., we also periodically use a number of independent contractors for maintaining the website, working as contributing writers, etc.:

Nikki Kahl – Writes reviews, handles video production, responsible for “internal” Social media content generation and placement, other writing for site

Lyle Silverman – Reviewer, background – former teacher, and general techie!

Eric Pfoutz – Professional Calibrator – he calibrates all the home theater projectors that we choose to calibrate prior to their reviews.  ISF Certified Calibrator.

We also contract to companies for services such as Accounting Web Design and SEO.

And previously:

Lisa Feierman
Works full-time as editor for Apple News, but previously, (and on the side) handled most of the same functions that Nikki handles today, except that Lisa never wrote reviews. She handled  the social media aspects of site, day-to-day webwork, image processing, writing, and editing of our Projector Reviews TV videos.  

Mike Rollet
Mike reviewed projectors, primarily business / education ones, including the larger ones.  He also calibrated all the home theater projectors for us.  He is THX certified, and one of those retired engineers that like many gravitated to home theater.  Long ago, he taught Art to calibrate projectors, but Art never liked doing it.

Ron Jones
Another retired engineer, he penned  a blog for us, and wrote reviews, before “retiring” from us early 2017.  His focus was on the technology. Art’s into the tech, but is no engineer–Ron keeps him humble.

Darryl Graves
We found Darryl through the AV department of a local college, and now he did our Projector Reviews TV video editing under Lisa’s direction, until hired away by Red.

Pete Conneley
Wrote our gaming blog.

Tony Arrigo
My webmaster at my last company, a friend.  Tony reviewed projectors, primarily portable and education projectors, also pocket projectors, and periodically helps us figure out tough website problems, but has not been active with us the past 5+ years.

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