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Best Outdoor Projection Screens

Best Outdoor Screens
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An outdoor theater can be set up anywhere

Whether you are indoors or outside, to get the best image from a projector, you need a good screen. An outdoor screen has to be easy to set up, rugged, and weather resistant. Here is a shortlist of our favorite Outdoor screens in 2024.

Sure, you can pretty much point any projector at a blank white wall or sheet, but you will get better results with a screen. A wall or sheet isn’t as smooth as you might think, and an ultra-smooth projection screen will help eliminate these imperfections and improve the image quality. In addition to choosing a projector with enough brightness to combat any surrounding ambient light, you can also invest in a projector screen with a special coating that helps reduce the impact of ambient light which can ruin your content. These screens are frequently referred to as ALR – Ambient Light Rejecting screens.


Screen Innovations Solo Pro 2 screen (Price varies depending on material and size) is ideal for folks who want to get the most from their new projector system. The Solo Pro 2 is a step up from the original Solo 2 because it is available in multiple screen materials which will allow you to optimize the picture quality of your specific projector in your environment.

In addition, the Solo Pro 2 screen is also available with an optional built-in Lithium-Ion battery. While this increases the cost of the unit, it simplifies installation and cost by eliminating the need to hire an electrician to run power to the motorized screen.

  • Ultra-compact screen case system can be easily transported and setup
  • 3 available motor types including an optional Lithium-ion Rechargeable battery, featuring a magnetized recharging port.
  • 5 different kinds of mounting brackets are available
  • Solo Pro 2 is available in 10 different screen materials, the Solo 2 is available in two screen materials (Pure White .85 and Pure Gray .85)
  • Solo Pro 2 has 7 case color options - white, warm white, clear anodized, taupe, char brown, dark grey, and black cassette and end caps


Elite Screens Yard Master 2 is an excellent choice for your outdoor home theater

The Elite Screens Yard Master 2 (Ranging from $149- $557, depending on the size) is a fast folding-frame outdoor projection screen. Its light-weight aluminum frame allows it to be set up in minutes. Simply, unfold the frame; attach the material and legs, then project. The Yard Master 2 is the perfect companion for outdoor presentations and it is available in several sizes ranging from 58” up to 135”.

  • 100-inch Outdoor Indoor Projector Screen 16:9
  • CineWhite® UHD-B tensioned matte white front projection material
  • Optional WraithVeil material available for rear projection applications
  • Black masking borders enhance picture contrast
  • Compatible with: Standard throw, Short throw, Ultra-short throw projectors


Vivohome Inflatable Screen is meant for the outdoors

This VIVOHOME inflatable movie screen (MSRP $149) is made of high quality, durable 210D Oxford cloth; Features a seam-free, theater-quality viewing area and quick blower that ensures the screen stays expanded without distracting from the fun; Long-lasting weather-resistant material allows long time indoor or outdoor use.

  • Easy to set up and take down and secure in the wind
  • Quiet internal blower can inflate the movie screen in minutes and keeps it inflated throughout the show
  • Product Dimensions: 10.7ft x 3.9ft x 8.4ft
  • Movie Screen Dimensions: 8.5ft x 4.8ft

Note: The biggest benefit of a blow-up screen is the ability to create a BIG screen that can be stored in a compact package when not in use. A big drawback to a blow-up screen is keeping it adequately inflated to create a taunt screen that delivers a non-distorted image. To keep it taunt, the blower must continuously run, which takes power and reduces portability options.


Elite Screens Pop-Up Cinema Series

The ELITE Pop-Up Cinema Series( $75-$120, depending on size) is a portable spring-framed fast folding projection screen for instant setup for outdoor or indoor environments. The lightweight spring metal construction allows the material to “pop-up” instantly while supporting the SilkWhite material and its black-mesh border. The SilkWhite projection material is a synthetic fabric designed for the rigors of outdoor use while also doubling as an exceptional projection surface for indoor presentations as well.

  • Available in the following diagonal sizes: 84" and 92" in 16:9 format
  • Accommodates both standard and short throw projectors
  • Lightweight & flat design is traveler friendly
  • 32” diameter carrying case holds all components
  • Built to withstand light wind conditions
  • Nylon spring-loaded frame system unfolds effortlessly
  • Assembles in seconds with no tools required
  • Stakes, net base, and support rods included for added stability


Outdoor home theaters are perfect during the summer months

After a year of staying inside, you are probably looking forward to some outdoor fun with friends and family. With the right outdoor projector and accessories, you can create magical summer moments with neighborhood gaming competitions, sharing the thrills of live sports, or cuddling up with your kids and a bucket of popcorn under the stars to watch their favorite movie in full theater-like glory on an epic-sized screen. These are the kind of special memories your kids will never forget. Be sure to consider how much light will be around, what you want to watch, and your portability needs when making your projector buying decision. Don’t forget to budget for a great ALR screen and maybe a more powerful sound system to get the most immersive and enjoyable experience for your audience.

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