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Best Projectors On Amazon In 2024

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In the digital era, having a projector at your disposal can significantly enhance your visual experience, whether it's for professional presentations or personal use. The search for the perfect projector leads many to explore the vast selection available online. Among the plethora of options, Amazon stands out as a reliable platform offering a range of quality projectors. The key to a satisfying purchase lies in identifying the "Best Projectors On Amazon" that cater to your specific needs and budget. This not only includes the resolution and brightness but also the connectivity options and additional features that come along with it.

Venturing into the realm of Amazon's projector market, you'll find a myriad of choices, each with its unique set of features. It might get overwhelming; hence we have taken the initiative to sift through the options and bring you a curated list of top-notch projectors. Our comprehensive guide aims to spotlight the top rated projectors on amazon and the most recommended projectors on amazon to ease your decision-making process. With a keen eye on quality, versatility, and user reviews, we've narrowed down the choices to ensure you're well-informed before hitting that purchase button.

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Our list of best projectors on Amazon:

Sony VPL-XW5000ES

Sony-XW5000ES-Hot Product Award

The Sony VPL-XW5000ES 4K SXRD Home Theater Projector is celebrated for its balance of performance, features, and value, marking itself as the most budget-friendly 4K model both in Sony’s lineup and in the market as a whole. This affordability does not compromise its performance, as it competes robustly against most products in its class. This is attributed to the inclusion of several advanced Sony technologies, which were previously exclusive to more expensive models.

Despite being a base model, it holds its own against more feature-rich models, offering a performance that is commendable. The projector seems to embody a kind of democratization of high-quality projection technology, offering high-end features to consumers at a relatively lower price point. This is particularly highlighted by its ability to outperform most products in its class, making it a notable contender for those seeking quality and performance without the hefty price tag.

The review also sheds light on the evolution of laser light source technology, particularly Sony’s Z-Phosphor system, which is now available on this model. This feature was once a premium offering, but its inclusion in a model retailing for under $6,000 marks a significant step towards making high-quality laser light source technology accessible to a broader audience. The Sony VPL-XW5000ES projector, with its blend of affordability, performance, and features, stands as a testament to Sony's commitment to delivering value-packed offerings to its consumers.

Sony VPL-XW5000ES Specs

Price $5999
Technology 3 LCoS panels (SXRD)
Native Resolution 3840x2160
Brightness (Manufacturer Claim) 2000
Contrast ∞:1
Zoom Lens Ratio 1.60:1
Lens Shift Yes
Lamp Life 20,000 hours
Weight 28lbs
Warranty 3 year
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Epson Home Cinema LS11000

Front image of the Epson Home Cinema - Projector Reviews - Image

The Epson Home Cinema LS11000 Laser Projector stands out for its hardware construction, akin to the black Pro Cinema LS12000, but in white. This similarity extends to many features, aligning it closely with the Pro Cinema LS12000's design and functionality. Its dimensions make it larger than most single-chip DLP projectors, yet more compact compared to many native 4K projectors, offering a middle ground for those seeking a balance between size and performance.

The projector's lens is centrally located on the front panel, flanked by air exhaust vents. This arrangement not only aids in efficient cooling but also positions the lens for optimal projection. The additional hardware elements like the IR remote receiver and status lights are strategically placed for ease of access and visibility. The projector's rear holds the power connector, a second IR remote receiver, and other input connections, along with the projector’s control panel, making it user-friendly.

The LS11000’s chassis is engineered to accommodate larger, slower-moving fans which help in muffling the exhaust noise, making it quieter than most Home Theater projectors. This feature brings it on par with other premium home theater projectors from reputable manufacturers like Sony and JVC in terms of noise level. It's a thoughtful design aspect that enhances the user experience, especially during quiet or intense scenes where projector noise could be distracting. This aligns the LS11000 with premium offerings in the market, showcasing a design that is user-centric and performance-oriented.

Epson LS11000 Specs

Price $3999
Technology 3 LCD
Native Resolution 1920x1080x4 (3840x2160)
Brightness (Manufacturer Claim) 2500
Contrast 1200000:1
Zoom Lens Ratio 2.1:1
Lens Shift Yes
Lamp Life 20,000 hours
Weight 28lbs
Warranty 3 years
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Epson EpiqVision Ultra LS800

epiqvision_ls800_award2 - Projector Reviews image

The Epson EpiqVision Ultra LS800 3LCD Laser Projector is a notable product due to its 4K PRO-UHD feature, which encompasses multiple elements impacting image performance. This includes color, white lumens, contrast, and HDR10, among other advanced image processing features, ensuring images projected are more lifelike. This 4K PRO-UHD is not just about resolution; it extends to the capability of receiving, processing, and projecting 4K content, making the projector a robust choice for those seeking high-quality image performance.

Despite some criticisms found regarding the projector's ability to produce detail, the reviewer's personal experience contradicts these critiques. Especially when paired with the Epson SilverFlex screen, the images produced were found to be pleasantly sharp. The reviewer notes that the source material could significantly impact individual experience, but they had no issues with the projector's overall image detail. The detailed review highlights the clarity in images, particularly evident in the screenshots provided within the color section of the review.

Color reproduction is another strong point for the Epson EpiqVision Ultra LS800, as observed by the reviewer. The out-of-the-box color accuracy, particularly in the projector's CINEMA and NATURAL modes, was appreciated. The review does not delve into the specifics of color metrics but praises Epson for nailing color reproduction with the LS800 model. This aspect, combined with the 4K PRO-UHD and sharp image detail, significantly contributes to the positive reception of this projector, marking it as a reliable choice for those in pursuit of superior image quality.

Epson Epson EpiqVision Ultra LS800 Specs

Price $3,499 MSRP
Technology 3LCD laser
Native Resolution 1080p (1920x1080)
Brightness (Manufacturer Claim) 4000
Contrast 2,500,000:1 (Dynamic)
Zoom Lens Ratio 1-2.5 Digital
Lens Shift Yes
Lamp Life 20.000
Weight 27.6 lb
Warranty 2-year limited warranty
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JMGO N1 Ultra

JMGO-N1-Ultra-Award - Projector Reviews Image

The JMGO N1 Ultra 4K Triple Laser Projector is distinguished by its innovative design, being advertised as the world's first 4K laser projector with gimbal-like functionality for easy setup and adjustment. Retailing at an MSRP of $2,299, with an early-bird price of $1,299 on Kickstarter, it presents a new design endeavor for JMGO. The projector, despite measuring lower brightness levels than advertised (2511 ANSI lumens against the claimed 4000), still managed to impress with a bright and colorful image output, showcasing excellent focus and brightness uniformity​.

In terms of color reproduction, the projector stands out with its MALC triple laser engine. This feature facilitates out-of-the-box color reproduction and calibration flexibility, essentials for today's video enthusiasts. The N1 Ultra projector is capable of displaying an astounding 107 billion colors at a 10-bit depth, and reproduces 210% of the Rec.709 color space and 110% of the BT.2020 color space. This color reproduction capability sets the projector apart, delivering stunning imagery that will likely impress even the most discerning viewers​.

Moreover, the JMGO N1 Ultra incorporates patented LSR technology that smooths out specular artifacts, creating a natural and comfortable viewing experience, as described by JMGO. This feature, along with its impressive black levels and shadow details, positions it among the best in its class, surpassing some competitors. Overall, JMGO has built a premium all-in-one home theater solution loaded with features often found in more expensive projectors. The comprehensive list of features coupled with its performance in image and color reproduction makes the JMGO N1 Ultra a compelling option on our list of "Best Projectors on Amazon" for individuals seeking a superior viewing experience​.

JMGO N1 Ultra Specs

Price $2,299 MSRP
Technology Triple Laser DLP
Native Resolution 1920x1080x4 (3840x2160)
Brightness (Manufacturer Claim) 4000
Contrast 1600:1
Zoom Lens Ratio  
Lens Shift No
Lamp Life 30,000
Weight 9.92lbs. (4.49 Kg)
Warranty 1-Year Manufacturer Warranty
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XGIMI-Horizon-Ultra-Award-2 - Projector Reviews - Image

The XGIMI Horizon Ultra 4K Hybrid LED/Laser Projector initially made a strong impression with its high-quality picture display, showcasing images that were both clear and vibrant. However, the subsequent firmware update seemed to have altered the accuracy of most picture modes, which was a noticeable downside. Although the image quality remained commendable, it didn't uphold the initial allure that was experienced before the firmware update, which may be a concern for individuals seeking consistent picture quality over time​​.

A distinguishing feature of the Horizon Ultra is its Dual Light Source technology, which is engineered to deliver exceptional color accuracy by equally balancing Red, Green, and Blue light. This specific feature sets the Horizon Ultra apart from other projectors in the RGB LED or RGB Laser categories, which often find it challenging to achieve this level of color balance. The underlying technology of the Dual Light Source is crafted to cater to individuals who hold color accuracy in high regard, making it a potential choice for enthusiasts and professionals alike​.

Despite the innovative technology, the firmware update appears to have impacted the color accuracy adversely, which could raise concerns among potential buyers. The Horizon Ultra, with its unique dual light source, initially had a strong selling point in color accuracy which seems to have been compromised post the firmware update. This scenario highlights a potential area of improvement for XGIMI, ensuring that firmware updates do not negatively affect one of the projector's primary selling features. Maintaining the color accuracy post firmware updates could enhance the user experience and uphold the projector's market position​.

XGIMI Horizon Ultra Specs

Price $1699
Technology DLP (0.47” DMD)
Displayed Resolution 3840 x 2160 Pixel Shifting
Brightness (Manufacturer Claim) 2300 ISO Lumens
Light Source Dual Light (RGBB LED+ Red laser)
Contrast Not listed
Zoom Lens Ratio 1.15:1 (motorized)
Lens Shift Fixed
Sound System 2 x 12-watt Harman/Kardon
Dimensions (H x W x D)

8.8” x 6.7” x 10.4”

(224 x 170 x 265 mm)

Weight 11.5 lbs (5.2 kg)
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Nebula Mars 3

Nebula Mars 3 Award - Projector Reviews - Image

The Nebula Mars 3 Portable Projector stands out as one of the superior portable battery-powered projector solutions available in the market. It boasts decent image quality with a 1080p resolution when the keystone feature is turned off and the screen is correctly aligned. However, the image quality suffers when aggressive keystoning is used, which might be a point of consideration for potential buyers. The projector is priced at $1,099.99, making it a pricier option in Anker's "Go Anywhere Series", but its features and capabilities provide a justification for the higher price point​​.

One of the most impressive aspects of the Nebula Mars 3 is its speaker quality. The sound output is robust enough that it might find equal use for music playback as it will for movie projection. This dual functionality can be a major selling point for individuals seeking a portable projector that does not compromise on audio quality. The superior audio feature sets it apart from other portable projectors and adds value to the overall user experience​​.

In comparison to other battery-powered projectors, the Nebula Mars 3 holds a distinctive position owing to its brightness and resolution. Although there are not many options available in the market for battery-powered projectors, the Mars 3 leads with its features. A close competitor is the XGIMI Halo+, another battery-powered 1080p projector with similar battery life, but it's much lighter and smaller, and priced at $849. However, the Nebula Mars 3's superior features and quality justify its higher price, making it a worthwhile consideration for those in the market for a portable, battery-powered projector with robust features​.

Nebula Mars 3 Specs

Price $1099.00
Technology DLP
Displayed Resolution 1920 x 1080
Brightness (Manufacturer Claim) 1000 ANSI Lumens
Light Source LED
Contrast 400:1 (Native)
Zoom Lens Ratio Fixed
Lens Shift None
Lamp Life 25,000 Hrs
Sound System 40-watt 3-way
Weight 9.9 lb
Warranty One (1) Year
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BenQ TH690ST

BenQ TH690ST front slanted view with badge.

The BenQ TH690ST 4LED Console Gaming Projector, priced at $1,099, comes highly recommended for individuals eager to explore gaming through a projector. This device stands out with its 1080p HDR short-throw feature, allowing for an immersive gaming experience even in constrained spaces. It projects a 100-inch image from just 4.9 feet away from the screen, which is a notable advantage for those with limited room space. Moreover, this feature makes it a compelling alternative for gamers, enhancing the gaming experience significantly compared to standard-sized TV or monitors​​.

The projector is also lauded for its excellent performance in delivering accurate colors, not just for gaming but also for watching movies and TV shows, thanks to its HDR10 compatibility. This dual functionality makes it a versatile choice for consumers. Besides, the BenQ TH690ST is an excellent option for those who aren't ready to invest in a 4K capable gaming projector but still desire a high-quality gaming experience. The input lag rates are decent, making it suitable for both open-world and fast-paced gaming needs​​.

Moreover, the sound quality isn't compromised as it comes with integrated treVolo 5-watt chamber speakers that deliver good sound despite their small size. This is an added advantage, making the gaming and viewing experience more enjoyable. The projector's light source, rated to deliver 2,300 ANSI lumens, is commendable and is designed to last up to 20,000 hours in Normal mode, 20,000 hours in Smart Eco mode, and 30,000 hours in Eco mode, promising longevity. The BenQ TH690ST appears to provide a balanced mix of price, performance, and features for individuals keen on an immersive gaming experience without breaking the bank​​.

BenQ TH690ST Specs

Price $1,099
Technology DLP with LED light source
Native Resolution 1080p (1920x1080)
Brightness (Manufacturer Claim) 2, 300 ANSI Lumens
Contrast 000:1 (Full On / Full Off Standard), 500
Zoom Lens Ratio 1.2x
Lens Shift No
Lamp Life 20,000 hours (Normal) / 30,000 hours (Eco)
Weight 7.9 Lbs.
Warranty 3-Year Limited Warranty
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XGIMI-Halo+-w-Award - Projector Reviews Images

The next on our list for "Best Projectors on Amazon" is the XGIMI Halo+ Portable Smart LED Projector. It is praised for its exceptional plug-and-play functionality, which practically sets itself up once it's powered on. This feature makes it extremely user-friendly and convenient for individuals who may not be tech-savvy. The projector is described as a significant upgrade from its predecessor, the Halo, with the Halo+ boasting advanced technology that justifies the additional cost of $59 over the Halo. The aesthetic appeal of the Halo+ is also noted, with a matte slate grey color that enhances its modern appearance, making it a stylish addition to contemporary settings​​.

The long-lasting LED light source in the Halo+ is a notable feature, rated to last up to 30,000 hours. This longevity means that users could utilize the Halo+ every day for eight hours for over 10 years, which provides excellent value for money in the long run. This durable light source is a feature that might appeal to users who are looking for a reliable projector for long-term use. The build quality, termed as beautiful, adds to the premium feel and durability of the Halo+ projector​​.

Furthermore, the built-in 59W battery of the Halo+ provides a decent amount of playback time, offering 2 hours and 18 minutes of movie playback. This feature was tested thoroughly and was found to be consistent, offering over 2 hours of video playback reliably. Moreover, the smart features of the Halo+ add to the user experience, allowing for streaming of movies in 1080p on a large 110-inch screen without the need for any cables. This wireless capability coupled with impressive battery life and smart features makes the Halo+ a convenient and portable choice for users looking to enjoy a large-screen viewing experience on the go​​.

XGIMI Halo+ Specs

Price $849
Technology DLP (0.33" DMD)
Native Resolution 1080p (1920x1080)
Brightness (Manufacturer Claim) 900
Zoom Lens Ratio Fixed
Lens Shift No
Lamp Life 30,000 hours
Weight 3.53
Warranty 1 year
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Epson EpiqVision Flex CO-W01


The Epson EpiqVision Flex CO-W01 Portable Projector, priced at $429, is part of Epson’s new 3LCD lamp-based projectors lineup. It boasts a WXGA resolution and supports Full HD video display, marking it as a versatile choice for both professional presentations and home entertainment purposes. Unlike many DLP counterparts, this projector is known for delivering vibrant colors, even in ambient light conditions, thanks to its equal distribution of color and white lumens. The model projects a white brightness of 3,000 ISO lumens alongside an equal color brightness of 3,000 lumens, as assessed by standard industry metrics​​.

Although the EpiqVision Flex CO-W01 isn't classified as a smart projector, it comes with an integrated HDMI port and speaker, ensuring easy streaming for users. This feature enhances its usability, allowing for quick setup and instant enjoyment of media content. It's ideal for hybrid work environments, providing a platform for professional presentations while also catering to immersive home movie experiences. The projector’s design facilitates smooth transitions between work and leisure use, making it a practical choice for a variety of users​​.

For those interested in smart features like streaming from platforms such as Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV, Disney+, HBO Max, Hulu, and more, the EpiqVision Flex CO-W01 requires an external streaming device plugged into its HDMI port. However, an alternative is to upgrade to the EpiqVision Flex CO-FH02 Full HD 1080p Smart Portable Projector priced at $629. This upgraded model comes with integrated Android TV, providing seamless streaming capabilities without the need for additional devices. This option might appeal to users looking for a more integrated, hassle-free streaming experience, albeit at a higher price point​​.

Epson EpiqVision Flex CO-W01

Price $429.00
Technology 3LCD
Displayed Resolution 1280 x 800
Brightness (Manufacturer Claim) 3000 ISO Lumens
Light Source 188Watt UHE Lamp
Contrast unlisted
Zoom Lens Ratio 1.35:1
Lens Shift None
Lamp Life 6,000 Hrs (12,000 Hrs ECO)
Sound System 5-watt mono
Weight 5.3 lb
Warranty one (1) Years
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