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At Projector Reviews, we test hundreds of projectors each year and often are asked what our favorite projectors are. Here you will find a list of the best projectors we have reviewed this year, broken out by category. Click into a category to find our lists of projectors we thought were some of the best in that category.

We have reviewed and named the best 4k projectors, the best ultra short throw projectors, and the best laser TVs. As well as the best projectors under $500 and the best projectors under $1000. Also, if your looking for an outdoor projector, we have named the best budget-friendly outdoor projectors, the best battery-powered outdoor projectors, the best outdoor projection screens. See if your favorite projector made it on one of our lists!

More categories of best projectors are coming soon!

Ready to find the best projector for your needs?


Best 4k Projectors For 2024

If you're looking for the best 4K projector, then you've come to the right place. Check out our picks for the top 4k projectors of 2024!


Best Laser TV’s For 2024

Review of the best laser TV options for 2024. We'll look at the price, image quality, and more to recommend models that you should check out!

Best Short Throw Projectors For 2024

Explore the best ultra-short throw projectors for 2024 based on price, image quality, and more; find the model that best fits your needs.

Best gaming projectors post banner

Best Gaming Projectors For 2024

Explore the best gaming projectors of 2024! Our top picks are designed and optimized for gamers and provide the best gaming experience.

Best home theater projectors post banner.

Best Home Theater Projectors For 2024

Looking for the best home theater experience? Explore our curated list of the best home theater projectors you can buy.

Best projectors under $1000 banner image.

Best Projectors Under $1,000 For 2024

Looking for top-quality projectors on a budget? Explore our guide to the best projectors under $1,000, perfect for home cinema or business.

Best projectors under $500 banner image.

Best Projectors Under $500 For 2024

Discover the top-rated projectors under $500. Elevate your viewing experience without breaking the bank. Find your perfect match today!

Best-FPJ-on-Amazon 2024

Best Projectors On Amazon In 2024

Discover top-rated projectors on Amazon for movie nights to presentations. Uncover stellar visuals. Dive in to find your ideal match!


Best Portable Projectors For 2024

Discover top portable projectors offering stunning visuals on the go. Dive into our comprehensive guide to make an informed choice. Read now!

Best Outdoor Projectors For 2024 By Category:

Best Bright Budget Friendly Outdoor Projectors

Best Bright Budget-Friendly Outdoor Projectors

If you're looking for an outdoor projector that's bright, budget-friendly, and easy to transport, we've got you covered. Check out our picks!

Best Battery Powered Outdoor Projectors

Best Battery Powered Outdoor Projectors

Worried about powering your outdoor projector? Check out our favorite battery-powered projectors that will keep the fun going all night long!

Best Outdoor Screens

Best Outdoor Projection Screens

If you want to enjoy your outdoor projector, choose a good outdoor projection screen! Here are our top picks for this year.


Best Outdoor Projectors For 2024

Experience cinematic magic in your backyard! Discover the top outdoor projectors for 2024, delivering stunning visuals under the open sky.

Frequently Asked Questions About Projectors

How much does a good projector cost?

There is no defined starting price for a “good” projector it really depends on your needs and application. Things such as brightness, resolution, and smart features all impact the overall price of the projector. The good news is brighter, higher-resolution, smart projectors are becoming more and more affordable.

Is a projector better than a TV?

Projectors can deliver a far larger and more immersive image than a traditional flat-panel TV. While flat-panel TVs are getting larger, they can still not match the value per inch of a projector.

What is the main use of a projector?

Projectors can be utilized in a variety of ways including home entertainment, retail displays, business and education applications, and large venues such as houses of worship or concerts halls. They are a great solution to project imagery or content to a large group or immerse yourself in your favorite TV, movie, or broadcast content.

What different types of projectors are there?

Projectors are typically categorized by application, for example home entertainment, business, education, and large venue. Within home entertainment, there are several types of projectors based on your use case so whether you are into gaming, outdoor entertainment, or home theater there is a projector for you.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a projector?

The advantages are the large, immersive image you can’t get affordably from any other display solution. One disadvantage is that a projector’s picture quality can be impacted by the amount of ambient light in the viewing space. Brighter projectors and ambient light rejecting screens have helped minimize this disadvantage.

Is a projector better for your eyes?

There are several articles available that discuss the theories that the way the light is generated by a projector is less harsh on the human eye.

Do you need a screen with a projector?

While a screen is not required, a screen will definitely improve the picture quality of the projected image. It provides a flat, even surface which can reduce image distortion. In addition, there are different screen materials available to maximize a projector’s brightness capability and reject unwanted ambient light.

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