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Greetings! Click to learn more about the LG HU80KA 4K UHD laser projector. Our write-up covers its abilities and flexible usage in an advertorial format. This LG is flexible, smart, and very cool!

Here you will find detailed reviews of Home Theater Projectors, Business Projectors, Education Projectors (for K-12 and Higher Education), as well as Pico Projectors and Pocket Projectors. Our mission is to not only identify the best projectors, but to provide enough information for you to choose the projector that is right for you.

For the home, we review both home entertainment and the more serious home theater projectors, ranging from standard HD, to 1080p, 1080p with pixel shifting, 4k UHD to the high-end 4K projectors. We also review projector screens and accessories and offer a large database of projector specifications, data sheets, and brochures for you to compare, helping to narrow down your search for the perfect projector. continue reading…

Newest Projector Reviews and Features

Top 15 Home Theater Projectors

Home Theater Projectors come in all sizes, and capabilities.   We maintain this frequently updated list of what we consider the 15 best current models for you to choose from.  Those listed here are priced from about $500 to almost $30,000.   Some are ideal for dedicated home theaters, while others are more suitable for your living, family, or media room.  Home Theater vs Home Entertainment, Performance vs. Value.  What interests you, movies, sports, TV, gaming?  We even provide recommended settings for most to get the best picture quality.  Click to read the reviews that interest you, or select the home theater tab above for a list of our home projector reviews.

Click to check out our 2018 Best Home Theater Projectors report and its Best In Class awards.

Business & Education Projectors

From the smallest and lightest portable projectors to extremely bright commercial models designed to fill auditoriums, churches and other large venues, our business and education projector reviews measure brightness, and discuss key features and capabilities, including placement flexibility, sharpness, color accuracy, and warranties.

Latest Pico and Pocket Projector Reviews

Although the smallest and lightest of these projectors are often considered toys, there are plenty of serious small LED projectors suitable for personal and business use.  Today’s entries offer resolutions up to 1080p, rivaling larger models.  Some of these run on internal batteries or AC power.  Most of these can stream content from the internet, and have built in media players that let you go computer free.  Or, you can interface these portable projectors to computers, tablets and smart phones.  We review pico and pocket projectors from manufacturers including LG, Viewsonic, AAXA, Vivitek, Acer, Optoma, Sony, NEC, and ASUS,

Projector Videos. You’ve read the review now watch the video

You read the review, now watch the video. We have about one hundred videos on YouTube, and even more projector videos here in our: Projector Reviews TV section. The majority of these are available to all, and are based on our in-depth reviews of different projectors, and others focus on specific topics such as Why color lumens are important, or Choosing the right projector for your family room…Some videos are reserved for our subscribers.


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Coming Soon

Reviews Coming in September/October  (as of 9/1/18):

Late September:  The Best New Home Theater Projectors Coming For 2018 – 2019 – A Post CEDIA update.

LG HU80K – 4K UHD home entertainment smart laser projector.

Casio XJ-A257 – An ultra thin, LED/Laser, 3000 lumen WXGA for the road warrior!

BenQ MW535A – Compact 3600 lumen meeting room projector, WUXGA

BenQ 2050A – BenQ’s entry level 1080p home theater/entertainment PJ!

Optoma ZU660 – A Commercial 6000 lumen WUXGA laser projector. In process

Epson L610 – A new affordable laser projector: 6000 lumens, laser, WUXGA, Only $3499 MSRP

Sony VPL-FHZ61 laser projector – 5100 lumens – commercial, classroom/lecture hall.

Viewsonic M1 – Large Pico Projector – 250 lumens – street price $299

Recently Published Reviews and More

2018 Best Home Theater Projectors Report

JVC RS440 – Impressive 1800 lumen home theater projector under $4000

Optoma HD51A – 4K UHD smart projector

Acer C200 Pico Projector 200 lumens, $199 list price!

AAXA P300 Neo Pocket Projector 400 lumens $295 list.

Benq MH733 – 3300 lumens, 1080p, affordable networking projector

Panasonic PT-MZ670U – 6500 lumens of WUXGA laser projector – interchangeable lenses

BenQ TK800 Low Cost 4K UHD Home Entertainment Projector

Epson Powerlite 108 Business and Classroom Projector

Sony VPL-VW385ES – Native 4K home theater projector, dynamic iris, $7999!

Dell S718QL – 4K UHD, UST, Laser Projector

Viewsonic PJD7828HDL – Entry Level 1080p Home Theater

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…Once a year, we publish a Classroom Projector Report and a Home Theater Projector Report, detailing all the projectors we reviewed for the year in each category, along with multiple Holiday Guides and Projector Comparisons to help with your holiday shopping.

Projector Videos of Reviews: Projector Reviews TV is our video initiative, where you can find more than 100 FAQ and projector review videos. All videos are produced and published by Projector Reviews, aiming to give you the same stellar quality found in our written content. Projectors that have review videos often will have two versions – a short overview and a longer summary. We’ve made our videos available on YouTube for easy subscription, so that you never miss a beat.

Eric, our ISF certified calibrator, calibrates all but the least expensive models. To provide further value to you, we publish Eric’s results on our site so that you don’t have to spring $300 to $600 plus for a professional calibration when spending a couple thousand or less on a projector. Some manufacturers subsidize our cost, and so we publish all our results on those for free. For all the rest of the manufacturers, our under $5.00 subscription will give you access to all of the results. For the price of a coffee, the subscription to our site saves you time and money, as you will find that Eric’s and Mike’s (our previous calibrator) results will improve the color and overall picture of virtually any projector.

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We also review home automation projectors on our sister site, Smarter Home Automation, where we discuss smart products that can be used in the home theater, such as smart flood lights, bulbs, LED strips, light switches, motorized shades, and smart hubs to control the whole home such as the Amazon Echo and Google Home. After all, home automation started in the home theater. We also provide reviews of smart thermostats, door locks, Z-Wave controllers, and doorbells. Interested in automating your home? Hop on over to to discover products to make that dream a reality.