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In this month’s article sponsored by Sony, we explore the challenges of projecting HDR.  Higher-end projectors like Sony’s newly introduced GTZ380 are utilizing higher brightness and powerful video processing to dramatically improve the picture quality of HDR content. The GTZ-380 is one of the first projectors available for home theater applications that is bright enough, with a wide enough color gamut, to faithfully reproduce HDR content mastered at 1,000 nits on a 100-inch screen with zero tone mapping.

The new VPL-GTZ380 projector is intended for applications where the highest image quality is critical, for example, film festivals, private screenings, and wherever there is a need to wow an audience with absolutely stunning imagery.

Technical Discussion

Projector brightness is one of the top considerations for projector buyers. The international standard for measuring projector brightness is Lumens. You may see brightness referred to in other terms, but the only way to effectively compare performance across brands is the universal standard.

New! Direct Release Movies for 2021

We will be listing some of the hottest new direct release movies and what platform you can find them on, coming to a home theater near you in this new section, sponsored by BenQ. What better way to enjoy some of today’s best blockbuster hits than from the comfort of your own home.

Custom Integration Article & Features

This section is focused on the information you need to choose the right components for the application and effectively install/set up a projection system.

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Industry News

Top Home Theater Projector

Home Theater Projectors come in all sizes and capabilities. Some are ideal for dedicated home theaters, while others are more suitable for your living, family, or media room. There are projectors that are best suited for movie watching, sports viewing, and gaming. This list is comprised of our top picks for Home Theater and Home Entertainment projectors.

Business & Education Projectors

From the smallest and lightest portable projectors to extremely bright commercial models designed to fill auditoriums, churches, and other large venues – our business and education projector reviews measure brightness and discuss key features and capabilities, including flexibility of placement, sharpness, color accuracy, and warranties.

Home Theater Projectors Report

Best Education Projectors Report


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January 14, 2021