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VAVA 4K Laster TV Ad

VAVA – and more specifically, their Affordable Laser TV – is this month’s Sponsor. Laser TVs are the hot new trend in big-screen viewing, hitting the market from major brands including LG, Epson, Optoma, Hisense… and, of course, VAVA. Art reviewed the VAVA Laser TV last December, it proved impressive enough to receive our Special Interest Award. Since then, there have been firmware upgrades and with those, additional improvements.

The VAVA Laser TV has clearly staked out its slice of the market, positioning it as, by far, the least expensive 4K UHD Laser TV announced to date. You can pair the VAVA with a proper screen for your room and be up and running from the low $3,000s!

Since the VAVA is a Smart laser TV, once you are plugged in, and tied into your Wi-Fi, you can start streaming and enjoying right away. That makes the VAVA laser tv, a real value play.

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