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Projector Reviews

Projector Reviews has long strived to be our industry’s leading authority on all things projectors, including the newer class of projectors referred to as Laser TVs. Our goal is to provide the most in-depth reviews on the web. Here you will find detailed reviews of home theater projectors (including short and ultra-short throw projectors), business projectors, education projectors (for K-12 and higher education), as well as portable projectors, pico projectors, and pocket projectors. Our mission is not only to identify the best projectors available, but to provide enough information for you to choose the projector that is right for you.

Many of our latest reviews include new generations of LED and Laser projectors, in addition to traditional lamp-based models. For the home, we review both home entertainment and the more serious home theater projectors, ranging from entry-level to 1080p with pixel shifting, 4K UHD, and high-end 4K projectors. In addition, to ensure you have all information you need to design a high performance projection system, we also review projector screens and accessories.  We offer a large database of projector specifications, datasheets, and brochures for you to compare, helping to narrow down your search for the perfect projector.

Featured Buyer’s Guides

In this guide, sponsored by BenQ, we will take a look at the projectors we think work best for you to take with you on the go and to use in outdoor environments. See if your favorite made the list!

In this guide, sponsored by BenQ, we will go through the projectors that we think are best suited for gaming on the big screen (an experience everyone must try!). Take a look at our picks!

New! Direct Release Movies for 2021

Looking for a great movie to enjoy on your projector? We have you covered! Find the hottest new direct release movies on platforms like Netflix, HBO Max, Disney+ , and more — coming to a home theater near you and sponsored by BenQ, a leading manufacturer of home theater projectors.

What better way to watch some of today’s best blockbuster hits than from the comfort of your own home?

Technical Discussion

Projector brightness is one of the top considerations for projector buyers. The international standard for measuring projector brightness is Lumens. You may see brightness referred to in other terms, but the only way to effectively compare performance across brands is the universal standard.

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Featured Event

Check out our latest projection series, our 2021 Fall Projection Summit, sponsored by AVPro Edge and Murideo, where we sit down with some of the best names in the business and talk to them about their latest line-up of projectors, screens, technology, accessories, and more!

Custom Integration Article & Features

This section is focused on the information you need to choose the right components for the application and effectively install/set up a projection system.

Top Home Theater Projectors

Home Theater Projectors come in all sizes and capabilities. Some are ideal for dedicated home theaters, while others are more suitable for your living, family, or media room. There are projectors that are best suited for movie watching, sports viewing, and gaming. This list is comprised of our top picks for Home Theater and Home Entertainment projectors.

Business & Education Projectors

From the smallest and lightest portable projectors to extremely bright commercial models designed to fill auditoriums, churches, and other large venues – our business and education projector reviews measure brightness and discuss key features and capabilities, including flexibility of placement, sharpness, color accuracy, and warranties.

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Projector Review videos include more than 100 FAQ and projector review videos. All videos are produced and published by Projector Reviews, aiming to give you the same stellar quality found in our written content. Most of our video reviews include two versions – a quick overview trailer and a longer summary. Our videos are available on YouTube for easy subscription, so that you never miss a beat.

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