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Choosing the Perfect Projection Screen: A Buyer's Guide (2023-2024)

Posted on July 21, 2023 by Phil Jones


In this report, we take a look at the wide variety of projection screens available for both professional and home theater use. Whether you are setting up a boardroom, building a backyard movie experience, or designing a dedicated home theater, you should be able to find a screen option that fits your budget and application.

There is more to designing a projection system than just picking a projector. Other things like the environment and screen can have a major impact on picture quality. Many screen manufacturers offer dozens of different screen formulations to help you maximize your entertainment experience in your space. These include high gain, ambient light rejecting, and acoustically transparent options, to name a few. To learn more about choosing the right material for your projection screen check out our article entitled, Maximize the Viewing Experience With the Right Screen Material.

Elite Screens Starling - Projector Reviews - Image

Projection screen sizes can range from relatively small to absolutely massive. While many users may want the biggest screen that fits on their wall, sometimes bigger may not be better. Factors like room size and sitting position along with your projector’s brightness, resolution, and lens throw ratio all need to be considered when determining screen size.

In addition to choosing the proper screen size, you also need to select the right aspect ratio to fit your needs. Many home entertainment projectors have a 16:9 aspect ratio to support most movies and broadcast content. This will be the most dominant aspect ratio for years to come since 4K UHD (3840 x 2160) and HD (1920 x 1080 or 1280 x 720) content is mastered in 16:9 (also referred to as 1.78:1).

Widescreen 2.35:1 or 2.4:1 aspect ratios are popular with hardcore movie enthusiasts because the majority of blockbuster movies are shot in this format. These aspect ratios are noticeably wider than the 16:9 (1.78:1) aspect ratio used for HDTV broadcast.

Lastly, the 16:10 aspect ratio is still heavily utilized in business and education applications. Commonly used resolutions with a 16:10 aspect ratio include WXGA (1280x800) and WXUGA (1920x1200).

To read more about aspect ratios and how to pick the right screen size,  check out our article, Choosing The Right Projector Screen: Screen Size and Aspect Ratio.

Elite Screens Kestrel - Projector Reviews - Image

Screens can be fixed, mounted, or retractable.  Fixed-mounted screens are usually less expensive than motorized retractable screens using the same material. Fixed screens take up wall space even when they are not being used. While this is fine in a dedicated theater, many users do not want a massive screen dominating their living or family room 24 hours a day.

Retractable screens can be manually operated or motorized. These types of screens can lower from the wall/ceiling or rise from the floor. The main benefit of these types of screens is that they retract out of the way when you are not using them, so they don’t dominate your room when not in use.  You can even mount a flat-screen TV behind the screen or a whiteboard for meetings to take advantage of the available wall space when the screen is retracted. To learn more, check out our article, on Fixed or Retractable Screens.

Elite Screens Kestrel Tab uprising Lifestyle - Projector Reviews - Image

There are so many projection screen systems available on the market that it would be impossible to cover all of them in a single article. This guide includes all the projection screens we have reviewed over the past few years and some notable screens we hope to review in the future. In this year's report, we have broken the screens down into these categories:

We wish to thank Elite Screens for sponsoring the 2023-2024 Projection Screen Buyer’s Guide.

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Outdoor Screens

Elite Screens Yard Master Tension Manual - Projector Reviews - Image

While you can point a projector at a blank white wall or even a sheet and watch a movie, you should utilize a screen for maximum picture quality. A wall or sheet isn’t usually a flat, smooth surface which can cause the image to look distorted.

In addition, outdoor screens are offered in various materials so you can choose the best material to maximize the viewing experience in your space. For example, combining a bright projector with an ALR (ambient light-rejecting) screen can help combat any surrounding ambient light.

Inflatable screens are a budget-friendly option that comes in extremely large sizes. Since they are often waterproof, they are a great option for outdoor environments with unpredictable weather. They are also easy to store and set up, and most of them can be inflated and deflated without needing a manual pump.

Freestanding folding frame screens are the most portable option. Since the screen is fastened onto a rigid frame, the material is pulled tighter than an inflatable screen, resulting in a consistent and flat surface for projecting images, even in outdoor or windy environments. This reduces image distortion caused by a saggy or wrinkled screen. However, large folding frame screens are more expensive than inflatable screens. While framed projection screens are less portable than inflatable screens, they are still relatively easy to transport.

Elite Screens Yard Master Wireless - Projector Reviews - Image

Ultimately, choosing between a framed projection screen and an inflatable screen depends on your specific needs, budget, and intended use. A framed projection screen may be a better option if you prioritize stability, durability, and image quality. However, an inflatable screen might be more suitable if portability and quick setup are crucial.

Lastly, we are seeing more weather-resistant retractable screens rated for outdoor applications. These screens can be mounted on the wall in the backyard or hung from a pergola. When not in use, it can be retracted so it is out of view. Retractable screens can be retracted manually or motorized. Companies like Elite Screens are even offering weather-resistant motorized screens with a built-in battery that can power the screen up/down for several months between charges. Since motorized screens need to be weather resistant, they are the most expensive outdoor screens on the market.

So let’s talk about some outdoor screens.

Elite Screens Yard Master Tab-Tension Motorized Wireless Series ($1,839.00)

The Yard Master Tab-Tension Wireless is a battery-operated outdoor 125″ in 16:9 projection screen.  The built-in rechargeable Li-on battery can last up to 200 cycles on a single charge. It is IPX3 rated for water protection making it ideal for backyards, patios, pool decks, and recreation room installations. The tab-tension design provides uniform tension on all sides for a flat and taut projection surface.

The CineWhite® front projection surface provides excellent brightness uniformity, and color reproduction with superb image clarity for nighttime movie presentations. This material is compatible with a wide variety of projectors including ultra-short throw models.

Elite Screens Yard Master Tension Wireless - Projector Reviews - Image
  • Compatible with Standard, Short, and Ultra-Short Throw Projectors
  • Built-in rechargeable Li-on battery can last up to 200 cycles on a single charge
  • IPX3 Rated for protection against water spray less than 60 degrees from vertical
  • Tab-tension design provides a flat projection surface for a distortion-free image.
  • Black backing eliminates light penetration for enhanced picture quality
  • CineWhite® is ISF Certified for accurate color reproduction.
  • Radio Frequency remote

Yard Master Motorized Wireless Series ($1,539.00)

The Yard Master Wireless is a battery-operated outdoor 125″ in 16:9 projection screen.  The built-in rechargeable Li-on battery can last up to 200 cycles on a single charge. It is IPX3 rated for water protection making it ideal for backyards, patios, pool decks, and recreation room installations.

The MaxWhite 1.1 Gain matte white front projection surface offers a wide viewing angle and good color reproduction. The Built-in rechargeable Li-on battery can last up to 200 cycles on a single charge.

Elite Screens Yard Master Wireless - Projector Reviews - Image
  • Compatible with Standard Throw Projectors
  • IPX3 Rated for protection against water spray less than 60 degrees from vertical
  • Black backing eliminates light penetration for enhanced picture quality
  • Radio Frequency remote 

Draper Nocturne+ E Electric Projection Screen

Available in sizes up to 132" (335 cm) wide, the Nocturne®+ E is a motorized screen ideal for outdoor entertainment including patio, pool deck, or other outdoor applications. Floating wall brackets grip the screen securely along the back of the case for ease of installation.

There are four screen materials available, including matte white, high contrast grey, and acoustically transparent. With a broad selection of screen sizes and a headbox engineered to be weather and insect resistant, the Nocturne®+ E is an excellent solution for an outdoor theater.

NOTE: For those looking for a more budget-friendly screen Nocturne®+ C uses the same screen case as the electric version but lowering and raising the screen is done using the crank. The handle is detachable limiting screen tampering.

Draper Nocturne E Electric Lifestyle - Projector Reviews - Image
  • Available with square or curved edge case.
  • Product ships with floating wall brackets. Ceiling brackets are available upon request.
  • Hardware finish choices: silver, white, black, ivory, or charcoal bronze. Custom powder coat colors are available.
  • Insect and weather-resistant aluminum headbox; includes a built-in hinge for ease of installation and service.
  • Cable guides included for secure operation in wind (secures hem bar only, not fabric).
  • Weighted hem bar to stabilize viewing surface during operation.
  • 110-120V AC motor (Nocturne®+ E)
  • Remote control options available (Nocturne®+ E)

Elite Screens Yard Master Manual Tension Series (Starting at $1,239 )

The Yard Master Tab-Tension Series is a manual pull-down screen that is IP65 rated for water protection for outdoor applications. It is ideal for backyards, patios, pool decks, and recreation room installations. This 16:9 screen is offered in both 115” and 125” sizes.   

The CineWhite® front projection surface provides excellent brightness, uniformity, and color reproduction with superb image clarity for nighttime movie presentations. This material is compatible with a wide variety of projectors, including ultra-short throw models.

Elite Screens Yard Master Tension Manual - Projector Reviews - Image
  • Compatible with Standard, Short, and Ultra-Short Throw Projectors
  • IP65 Rated for protection against water jets from any angle
  • Tab-tension design provides a flat projection surface for a distortion-free image.
  • Black backing eliminates light penetration for enhanced picture quality
  • Rust-resistant aluminum floating brackets allow perfectly centered flush wall/ceiling installations

Elite Screens Yard Master 2 Series (Ranging from $149-$557, Depending on Size)

The Yard Master 2 is a fast folding-frame outdoor projection screen. Its lightweight aluminum frame allows it to be set up in minutes. Simply unfold the frame, attach the material and legs, then project. Once attached to the frame, the screen is taut, which ensures a distortion-free image. The Yard Master 2 is perfect for portable applications and outdoor theaters.

Elite even offers front or rear projection materials. For front projection applications, the Yard Master 2 ships with a CineWhite screen material with a black backing designed to eliminate unwanted light penetration from the year. This screen features a 1.3 gain with a 180-degree viewing angle and is ISF certified for achieving accurate color reproduction and image fidelity.

Rear projection application Elite offers WraithVeil rear projection screen material. WraithVeil is Elite Screen's rear projection screen material. It has a high gain performance for applications with high ambient light conditions. The screen offers a 2.2 gain with a 160-degree viewing angle, so it's ideal for events such as clubs, restaurants, trade shows, meeting rooms, and outside evening presentations.

The Elite Screens Yard Master 2 series is available in various aspect ratios, screen sizes, and screen material choices, depending on your specific needs. The 16:9 aspect ratio version is available in 55", 58", 75", 90", 100", 110", 120" and 135" screen sizes. There is also a 4:3 version of the Yard Master 2 that comes in 90", 100", 110", 120", and 135" inch sizes.

Read our full review here.

Elite Screens Yard Master 2 with award - Projector Reviews - Image
  • 100-inch Outdoor Indoor Projector Screen 16:9
  • CineWhite® UHD-B tensioned matte white front projection material
  • Optional WraithVeil material available for rear projection applications
  • Black masking borders enhance picture contrast
  • Compatible with: Standard throw, Short throw, Ultra-short throw projectors

Elite Screens Pop Up Cinema Series ($75-$120, Depending on Size)

The Elite Pop-Up Cinema Series is a portable spring-framed fast folding projection screen for instant setup for outdoor or indoor environments. The lightweight spring metal construction allows the material to “pop-up” instantly while supporting the SilkWhite material and its black-mesh border. The SilkWhitescreen material is compatible with both standard and short-throw projectors. It has 1.1 gain and delivers a wide viewing angle. 

The SilkWhite projection material is a synthetic fabric designed for the rigors of outdoor use while also doubling as an exceptional projection surface for indoor presentations as well.

Elite Screens Popup Series - Projector Reviews - Image
  • Available in the following diagonal sizes: 84″ and 92″ in 16:9 format
  • Compatible with both standard and short throw projectors
  • Lightweight & flat design is traveler friendly
  • A compact 32” diameter carrying case holds all components
  • Designed to withstand light wind conditions
  • Nylon spring-loaded frame system unfolds effortlessly
  • Assembles in seconds with no tools required
  • Stakes, net base, and support rods included for added stability

Epic E-SL12 SlimLine (Starting From $2,599)

Epic Cinema Manufactures ultra-high-quality inflatable screens. Their SlimLine Series screens are available in sizes ranging from 123” all the way to 342”.  While many blowup screens are cheap and poorly made, Epic inflatable screens command a premium price due to their build quality which ensures years of worry-free usage. They are often utilized in professional applications, including hospitality, sporting events, and concerts. Due to its quiet operation, they are ideal for outdoor theater applications.  

Epic E SL12 Slimline Screen - Projector Reviews - Image
  • Free-Standing Silent Design, with integrated rear support legs built-in
  • Hot-air welded, triple-reinforced seams for an airtight frame
  • Rubberized protection on the base
  • A reversible air pump makes inflation and deflation quick and easy
  • Capable of up to 25mph winds
  • NFPA 701 fire compliant
  • A pressure Relief Valve protects from overinflation.
  • Carry handles on the frame for easy placement
  • Include heavy-duty carry bag for compact storage
  • Includes all nylon tethers & D-Ring Tie down points

Vivohome 14 Ft Inflatable Movie Projector Screen ($149)

The VIVOHOME screen is easy to set up and it is available in several sizes ranging from 14ft to 24ft. This affordable inflatable movie screen is made of high-quality, durable cloth and is seam-free to ensure a quality viewing experience. Long-lasting weather-resistant material allows long time indoor or outdoor use. It includes a quick blower that can blow up the movie screen in a few minutes and, when plugged in, keeps it inflated throughout the show. The fan pump is quiet to ensure that the screen stays expanded without adding distracting noise.  

The most significant benefit of a blow-up screen like the Vivohome they offer a massive screen size but can be stored in a compact package when not in use. A main challenge when using a blow-up screen is keeping it adequately inflated to create a taunt screen so it delivers a non-distorted image. To keep it taunt, the blower must continuously run, which takes power and reduces portability options.


VivoHome Inflatable screen - Projector Reviews - Image
  • Available in seven sizes ranging from 14ft to 24ft
  • Massive screen for minimal cost
  • Easy to set up and take down
  • The screen can be inflated/deflated in minutes
  • A quiet internal blower keeps it inflated throughout the show
  • Tie-down points to secure when windy
  • Packs into a compact lightweight portable bag 

Fixed Frame Screens

Fixed screens are attached to the wall and they are usually less expensive than a motorized retractable screen using the same screen material. Fixed wall screens are a great option for rooms intended specifically for viewing, for example home theaters and media rooms. Since they are permanently mounted, they are screens that are normally the focal point of a room and the rest of the design needs to work around it.

While this is fine in a dedicated theater, many users do not want a massive screen dominating their living or family room 24 hours a day. However, fixed screens are extremely popular because the installation process is relatively quick and easy, and they deliver the best performance-to-value ratio.


The screen material is attached to a rigid frame in a fixed screen. Since the screen is tightly tensioned, it is wrinkle-free and perfectly flat, which results in a distortion-free image. Once correctly installed, the fixed screen will remain stationary and will not move or vibrate during use. In contrast, a retractable screen might move slightly or oscillate due to wind or vibration, impacting picture quality. 

If you are looking for a really massive size image, fixed frame screens are usually the best solution. Many manufacturer offer fixed frame in size exceeding 250 inches

Stewart Filmscreen Balón Edge (Starting at $2,776.55)

The Balón Edge series features a thin edge, creating a sleek and modern look. In addition, the series includes a range of screen materials optimized for various applications, including ambient light rejection, ultra-wide viewing angles, and more. For our review Stewart Filmscreen equipped the screen with their proprietary MicroPerf X² THX-Ultra perforation pattern, improving sound transmission while maintaining image quality.

Stewart Filmscreen Balón Edge is a high-end projection screen series designed for use in professional and residential installations where exceptional image quality and visual appeal are desired. It is particularly well-suited for use in high-end home theater and media room installations and in conference rooms, boardrooms, and other commercial settings where high-quality projection screens are required.

The Balón Edge is a good choice for those who want to create a truly immersive and engaging viewing experience and are willing to invest in a high-quality projection screen to achieve that goal. Balón Edge includes a half-inch black border to reduce unwanted overscan. There is also a Balón Borderless version which eliminates the black border, allowing the image on the screen to appear to float in the room.

Read our full review here.

Sterwart Balon Edge - Projector Reviews - Image
  • Available size up to 16 feet in diagonal
  • 1/2-inch black Velux border provides a crisp, sharp edge
  • Optional LED lighting capability
  • Several screen materials available, including an acoustically transparent option
  • Available in BlackHawk UST
  • Flush Mount bracketing system makes installation quick and easy

EPV Screens DarkStar UST 2 eFinity

The EPV Screens DarkStar® UST 2 eFinity is an ambient light-rejecting screen designed for ultra-short projectors. EPV Screens provided a 123-inch 16:9 screen with a gain of 0.8, and it can reject up to 85% of overhead lighting, making it a great option for many Laser TVs.

Compared to a matte white screen, DarkStar® UST 2 eFinity notably improves black level and contrasts in a room with ambient light. The "edge-free" bezel, which is less than 1/2 inch wide, creates the effect if a massive high-end LCD TV, a beautiful, clean, modern look on the wall.

If you have a table-top ultra-short-throw projector and you are looking for a high-quality ceiling light rejecting screen, check out the EPV Darkstar UST 2 eFinity from EPV Screens.

Read our full review here.

EPV Screens Darkstar UST2 efinity - Projector Reviews - Image
  • Designed for ultra-short throw projectors
  • Absorbs up to 85% of overhead lighting
  • 8 Gain with 160° viewing angle
  • Enhanced contrast compared to matte white screen in ambient light
  • Black material improves color saturation and black levels
  • ISF Certified for Accurate Color Reproduction
  • EDGE FREE® Fixed Frame includes ultra-thin black bezel which maximizes viewing area
  • LED Backlighting kit included

Screen Innovations 5 Series Fixed Frame Screen

The Screen Innovations (SI) 5 series fixed line of projector screens are available in a wide array of screen materials including ambient light rejecting, acoustically transparent, and ultra-short-throw options. They offer outstanding performance at an approachable price and can be utilized in both residential and commercial applications.

The Screen Innovations 5 series screens are hand built from a sturdy 3.5-inch aluminum extrusion which is wrapped in a fine velvet material. This ensures that the frame is as unobtrusive as possible during the viewing experience, as well as hides any projector “overspray”. In addition to several different materials, the 5 series is also available in four different aspect ratios, which are 16:9, 16:10, 2.35:1.

Read our full review here.

Screen Innovation 5 Series - Projector Reviews - Image
  • 3.5” aluminum bezel hand wrapped in velvet
  • Available in a curved configuration
  • Several screen materials available
  • Sizes up to 248*" in 16:9
  • Sizes up to 310" in 2.35.1

Elite Screens Aeon CLR® 3 Series Screen (Starting from $878.10)

The Aeon CLR® 3 is a series of fixed frame, front projection screens, created specifically for table-top ultra-short-throw projectors. The Aeon CLR® 3 is available in three sizes: 103”, 115”, and 123”. The Aeon CLR® 3 screens utilize Elite’s StarBright CLR® 3 material, which was designed to reject the maximum amount of ambient light, especially from ceiling lights, thereby preventing room lighting from washing out the projected image.

The Micro-serriform optical structure filters light, “rejecting” (actually, absorbing, so that it never reaches your eyes) up to 90% of overhead lighting. The innovative material provides up to 75 times the contrast of standard matte white screen material in a room with ambient light. It also provides an ultra-wide viewing angle of 180°, making it a great option in a typical home or office environment with lots of ambient light.

The "edge free" bezel, which is less than 1/2 inch wide, creates the effect if a massive high-end LCD TV, a beautiful, clean, modern look on the wall. Since the fixed frame projector screen is a focal point in your room, you may want to dress it up a little. Elite offers optional LED backlight kits that are compatible with their EDGE FREE ™ fixed frame screens like the Aeon CLR® 3 Series screens.

Read our full review here.

Elite Screens AEON CLR3 - Projector Reviews - Image
  • Designed for table-top ultra-short throw projectors
  • CLR® 3 (Ceiling Light Rejecting) material absorbs 90% of overhead lighting
  • Massive contrast improvement over matte white screens in a room with ambient light
  • 170° viewing angle (85° L/R) while maintaining brightness uniformity
  • Black-backing (non-opaque) enhances image brightness
  • EDGE FREE® Fixed Frame is a wraparound design that maximizes viewing area which reducing overall footprint
  • LED Backlight kit included

Retractable Screens

Retractable screens can be mounted on walls or ceilings, providing enhanced placement flexibility. One of the main advantages of a retractable projection screen is its ability to save space. When not in use, the screen can be conveniently rolled up or retracted, allowing you to reclaim the wall or ceiling space for other purposes. This feature is particularly beneficial for multipurpose rooms or spaces where the screen is not always needed.

Elite Screens Evanesce Tensioned - Projector Reviews - Image

When not in use, retractable screens are hidden from view, which is great in rooms where a fixed screen's presence might disrupt the aesthetics or décor. When the screen is retracted, it is also protected from potential damage. It reduces the risk of scratches, tears, or accidental spills if the screen was constantly exposed. Retracting the screen also helps keep it clean and dust free.

Retractable screens are offered with or without tab-tensioning. Tab tensioning refers to a system where tensioning cables or tabs are attached to the sides of the screen material to keep it taut and wrinkle-free. While tab-tensioning increases the cost of a retractable screen, this design feature ensures that the screen surface remains perfectly flat, providing optimal image quality and eliminating any distortions or waves that can occur with non-tensioned screens.

The tab-tensioning system also ensures that the screen remains stable and firmly in place, even in environments with airflow or vibrations. This helps prevent the screen from swaying or moving during presentations or movie screenings, providing a distraction-free viewing experience.

While retractable screens are more expensive the fixed screens, their practicality, versatility, and aesthetics make them a great option in many environments.

Elite ProAV Presenter Pro Riser CineGrey 4D

The Elite ProAV Presenter Pro Riser CineGrey 4D is a portable, motorized, floor-rising projection screen. The high-quality CineGrey 4D material is designed for standard long throw projectors and has a gain of 1.1, and it can effectively eliminate up to 63% of ambient light. Because the unit is equipped with this ceiling light-rejecting material, it’s a great solution for any space where there is typically some ambient light.

One of the main benefits of this type of design is a simplified and quick installation. Setting up a floor-rising projection screen takes only a few minutes, which is much less time-consuming than assembling a normal, soft-fixed frame screen on any room.

While the screen was designed for use in medium-size meeting spaces, its high-quality image and unique form factor should also make it an appealing option in many residential applications. You don’t have to be in a board room to appreciate a screen that disappears completely when it’s off and doesn’t require you to mount the unit to a wall or ceiling.

The Elite ProAV Presenter Pro Riser CineGrey 4D screen is available in 126-inch, 133-inch, and 150-inch sizes. The screen is exceptionally sturdy and well-built, and Elite ProAV includes a five-year warranty.

Read our full review here.

Elite ProAV Pro Riser with award - Projector Reviews - Image
  • CineGrey 4D 1.1 Gain Ceiling Ambient Light Rejecting front projection material
  • Compatible with standard (long) throw projectors
  • Motorized  “scissor-backed” cross spring riser rises and lowers screen
  • Tab-tension design ensures a flat and taut front projection surface
  • Includes Radio Frequency (RF) and Infrared remote controls

VividStorm Motorized ALR Projection Screen

VividStorm’s 16:9 motorized CLR screens are designed specifically for ultra-short-throw projectors and laser TVs. The 120" VividStorm Electric Floor Screen is the largest of six sizes. The smallest is a 72" screen which should be considered a tabletop model. The screen utilizes a motorized floor-rising design which eliminates the hassle and cost of mounting a retractable screen on a wall or in the ceiling.

Due to its CLR ceiling light rejecting screen material, in a room with ambient light, the VividStorm delivers noticeably better contrast than a matte white screen. This makes it an excellent solution for those who want to utilize their UST projector day and night.

For maximum compatibility, VividStorm floor rising screens are also available with several additional screen materials including Cinema White, ALR, and acoustically transparent. 

 These tab-tensioned screens come with two remote controls – one IR, and one RF, for your convenience. The VividStrom is one of the least expensive motorized floor-rising screens on the market but its build quality is very good, and it delivers a great-looking image.

Read our full review here.

VividStorm Motorized ALR Screen - Projector Reviews - Image
  • Designed for ultra-short throw projectors
  • Motorized tensioned floor-rising design
  • Available in multiple sizes from 72” to 120”
  • ALR screen material has a wide viewing angle
  • Also available with matte white screen material
  • Acoustically transparent material available

Screen Innovations Solo 3 Screen

The Screen Innovations Solo 3 screen is ideal for people wanting to get the most from their new projector system. You will want to determine which projector and projector screen will work best in the room and with the choice of home theater projector, seating arrangements, and any ambient light issues. The Solo Pro 3 can be flush, or wall mount and it is available in 9 different screen materials, allowing you to optimize the picture quality of your specific projector in your room.

In addition, the Solo 3 screen is also available with an optional built-in Lithium-Ion battery. While this increases the cost of the unit, it simplifies installation while dramatically reducing labor costs since you don’t have to hire an electrician to run power to the motorized screen.

Screen Innovation Solo Pro 3 - Projector Reviews - Image
  • Optional battery power simplifies installation
  • Available in sizes up to 200” diagonal
  • Tab tensioned to ensure a flat image for life
  • Nine different screen materials are available
  • Case available in black and white
  • Can be flush and ceiling mounted

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