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VividStorm 120” Projector Screen Review: An Ambient Light Rejecting, Motorized Floor Screen For Laser TVs and UST Projectors

Posted on July 6, 2020 by Art Feierman

VividStorm’s 120” Diagonal 16:9 motorized ALR screen is designed specifically for ultra-short-throw projectors and laser TVs. The company reached out to us about reviewing their screens late in 2019, after CEDIA.

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It just so happens that I had just moved, and their 120” was likely just what I needed to test Laser TVs and commercial ultra-short-throw projectors in a bright room.

The 120" VividStorm Electric Floor Screen is the largest of six sizes. The smallest is a 72" screen which should be considered a tabletop model.  We believe that is why it's case height plus back rise material is less than half the height of their other sizes.

My comments will focus on my use of the 120" diagonal version, but the feature set is the same for all the other sizes except as noted (the 72").

We will take a look at the hardware, screen sizes and more on the 2nd page of this review.

When viewing these room photos and images on the screen photos, none of my images have been "photoshopped" except for minor cropping, downsizing the images for web, and saving as jpegs.

VividStorm Pro ElectricScreen: UST/ALR, Riser
Size (diagonal, inches)72, 84, 92, 100, 110, 120
Max height43.3" - 75" (see chart)
Base and "rise" black height6" (72") all others: 13.8"
SurfaceOptical - UST/ALR
Viewing Angle170 degrees max, 85 to 50%
Remote Control1 IR, 1 RF, USB recharge
Wireless 12v triggerYes
Weight49 lb (22kg) to 75 lb (33kg)

Before I go into a little background, let me say that the VividStorm screen delivers what it promises – a solution for ultra-short-throw projectors – both commercial projectors, and other UST projectors geared for your home, referred to as Laser TVs when a permanently fixed screen won't do.  Available in six sizes, these tab-tensioned screens come with two remote controls – one IR, one RF, for your convenience. I realize that VividStorm is relatively unknown in the US, but these screens will change that. I can’t tell you much about the company, although that proudly state that they were founded in 2004. (BTW that’s only a couple of years after Elite, who is their most direct competitor, was founded.

This photo taken with the Optoma P1 and VividStorm 120” screen - at dusk with some living room lighting on. Rich, vivid colors. Content: 4K HDR, The Black Panther..  Imagine a picture this rich filling a screen measuring about 10x5 feet.


The image above gives you a great idea as to the amazing picture you can get with a good projector in a less than ideal room, when paired with the right type of screen, and some decent lighting control!

VividStorm is a new name to most of us, including me.  The screens are built in China and sold over here under the VividStorm name.  Now I don’t pay much attention to who’s factories in China products come out of, but the word is that this VividStorm screen comes out of the same factory as similar screens from Elite, a far better-known brand.  Certainly the Elite and VividStorm riser screens  – not a coincidence I trust – look virtually identical.  With that in mind, I was less concerned about bringing in a brand I only recently had heard of.  More about that…

Cloudy day/early evening. Even with lights on full, a bright saturated image. More than fine for sports, general viewing. P1 with VividStorm 120" ALR screen


For those of you, not regulars, we have, over the past few years, done very few screen reviews, keeping too busy just with all of our projector reviews, blogs, etc..  As such, without a lot to compare with, think of our screen reviews to be somewhat more like critical end-user reviews by hardcore enthusiasts, but lacking detailed technical analysis and measurements.  Essentially, we do a screen review when Projector Reviews needs a new screen for one of our reviewers.  Keep in mind that some of us need two or even three different screens to do our jobs.

The entertainment area cutout in my living room is 15 feet wide, over 8 feet high. The VividStorm screen can be seen behind the low console, in its fully closed position.


Here’s how I ended up with the VividStorm 120” screen to review.  I moved Projector Reviews Inc, and my family from California to Florida, last fall.  My new home/office has a living room with a large cutout you can see in this photo, for an entertainment center, etc.  When I was first looking at this place to buy, I thought it the perfect spot for a Laser TV and screen.  My wife, would not have taken kindly to a large 120” diagonal gray rigid screen in her living room.  She’s not especially happy with the 77” OLED that you see in other photos.

The VividStorm screen solved my “partner” problem by “going away” when not in use.  And based on measurements, the 120” VividStorm fit almost perfectly!  I was most fortunate. You can see the VividStorm screen in the previous image sitting on the floor behind my low entertainment unit.

Even with low and color lighting on, a gorgeous image.


Overall, my setup with the Optoma P1 I just finished reviewing, Sports, and most content was fine on overcast days in my super bright room. Sports at the worst time of day, was not worth watching, and even the 77” OLED was plagued by reflections from my glass windows and doors.

Everything looked great in low lights or night dark. And that with the Optoma P1 being one of the least bright Laser TVs.The forthcoming Epson, for example, should prove significantly brighter. (Myself, I expect my actual purchase of a Laser TV to end up being either LG’s HU85LA or that Epson LS500 laser tv when it ships.

I was in a hurry. While VividStorm and Elite were talking year-end 2019 first shipments, Elite told me that their 120” wouldn’t be available before March, or Q2. I also seriously looked at Screen Innovations motorized Solo screens, also ALR types for UST projectors and laser TVs, but theirs is the traditional ceiling or wall mount with the screen coming down, not rising up. They have shown a 100” and announced a 120” but that too was at least Q2 2020. As it would be at least 2X the price, so I certainly wasn’t going to wait.

Back to VividStorm (who was also not yet shipping the 120” at the time). They said they had a 120” pre-production screen they could send me to review. I just had to say yes. Sure enough, it quickly arrived. Unfortunately, then several factors prevented me from getting to writing the review until recently, although I’ve been using it for many months. Due to urgent family matters, I was gone from home and office for over a month and a half. By the time I got back in February, I was ready, and finally set up the screen in my living room, pairing it with the Optoma P1laser TV.. (I had previously tried projecting onto the heavily textured wall before putting up the teal wallpaper - not a good idea, especially with a UST projector.)

P1 Laser TV 4K HDR photo with VividStorm Screen
Calibrated HDR - Film preset. Rich colors, accurate looking skin tones. P1 - with VividStorm screen - living room at dusk

Hardware and Functionality,Screen Performance, and Value Proposition coming up next.....

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