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Elite ProAV Presenter Pro Riser CineGrey 4D Screen Review

Posted on January 19, 2022 by Phil Jones

The Elite ProAV Presenter Pro Riser CineGrey 4D is a portable, motorized, floor-rising projection screen. The high-quality CineGrey 4D material is designed for standard long throw projectors and has a gain of 1.1, and it can effectively eliminate up to 63% of ambient light. Because the unit is equipped with this ceiling light-rejecting material, it’s a great solution for any training or conference space where there is typically some ambient light.

The Elite ProAV Presenter Pro Riser CineGrey 4D screen is available in 126-inch, 133-inch, and 150-inch sizes. The screen is exceptionally sturdy and well built, and Elite ProAV includes a five-year warranty.

Three sizes available 126″, 133″ 150″

When it comes to projection screens, the options are nearly endless. Because each manufacturer offers fixed and motorized models in a variety of screen materials, it’s easy to find a solution that best fits your needs. Over the years, Projector Reviews has evaluated many projection screens, but my favorite by far is electric, floor-rising models. If you had spent as much time as I have setting up projection screens at tradeshows, training events, and conferences, this type of screen would definitely be your favorite too.


One of the main benefits of this type of design is a simplified and quick installation. Setting up a floor-rising projection screen takes only a few minutes which is a lot less time than assembling a normal, soft-fixed frame screen on any trade show floor. Elite ProAV Presenter Pro Riser CineGrey 4D eliminates the hassle of assembling a frame, rolling it out, and attaching the screen material. In comparison, to set up a ProAV Presenter Pro Riser screen, all you have to do is lift the unit out of the box, place it in the desired location, plug it into AC power, and press the UP button on the included remote control.

A preassembled fixed-frame screen is hard to transport, especially in sizes above 100-inches and they also require some sort of stand to mount them on. Many of these projection screen stands are wobbly and unattractive. A screen stand would also be required if you used a more traditional motorized drop screen. In a permanent installation, this type of screen would normally be hung on the wall or from the ceiling.

Presenter Pro Riser utilizes motorized scissor-backed cross spring risers and the tab-tension design keeps the screen material taut and flat, reducing any ripples that might distort the projected image.

Elite ProAV Presenter Pro Riser CineGrey 4D

Even if you were going to permanently mount a motorized screen, you might still prefer to use a Presenter Pro Riser because it offers a potential reduction in the cost of installation. It eliminates both the need to run power to a wall-mounted screen and the hassle of securing the screen safely to the wall. You’ll also get additional flexibility. The Presenter Pro Riser can quickly be moved from meeting space to meeting space and since nothing is permanently mounted or installed, it’s an excellent option if you’re leasing or renting your space. While the Presenter Pro Riser screen enclosure is long and heavy, there are carrying handles on both sides of the screen which allow two people to easily carry it.

While the screen was designed for use in medium-size meeting spaces, its high-quality image and unique form factor should also make it an appealing option in many residential applications. You don’t have to be in a board room to appreciate a screen that disappears completely when it’s off and doesn’t require you to mount the unit to a wall or ceiling.


Although setting up the screen is incredibly simple, it’s worth noting the hefty package size. The unit comes pre-assembled and ships in a long, heavy box. The package for our 126-inch review sample was shipped in a container that was 128 inches long and it barely fit in the midsize SUV I used to transport it from my home office to my work office. The box for the 150-inch version is a whopping 12 feet long so it would be difficult to move from venue to venue without an oversized truck or van.

The shipping weight is about 110 lbs. The scissor lift design and its metal enclosure make the ProAV Presenter Pro Riser screen heavier than some other projection screens on the market. Even out of the box, the screen enclosure is about 10-feet long and weighs about 95 lbs. You will definitely need at least two people to lift the screen out of the box and maneuver it around. To make it easier to haul, there are handles on both ends of the screen’s metal enclosure.

However, once it’s out of the box and placed in the desired location, all you have to do is plug it into AC power and press the UP button on one of the two included remote controls.

While the two included remotes look identical, one remote is an IR Remote and the other remote is RF-based. The RF remote doesn’t require line of sight and is effective up to 50 feet away. The RF remote is especially convenient because you don’t have to worry about aiming at the screen enclosure sitting on the floor.

However, the IR remote offers discrete IR commands (UP/DOWN/STOP) that can be easily incorporated into a 3rd party control system.

If you need to raise and lower the screen and the remote control is not readily available, there are UP/DOWN buttons on the left side of the chassis. The power socket and an RJ11 port are located on that side as well. The RJ11 can be used as the input for the IR sensor or a 12volt trigger using the adapters included in the box.

The connections and control buttons are located on the left side of the chassis

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