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Screen Innovations (SI) is a Texas-based company specializing in the design and manufacturing of high-quality projection screens for home theaters, commercial venues, and professional installations. Founded in 2003 by Ryan Gustafson, the company has gained a reputation for its innovative screen materials and technologies, which aim to enhance the projection experience.

Screen Innovations offers a wide range of screen options, including fixed-frame, motorized, and retractable screens, as well as custom solutions to fit specific customer needs. Some of their notable innovations include Black Diamond, a screen material designed to reject ambient light and provide excellent contrast, and Solo Pro, a wireless, motorized screen that can be easily installed in various environments.

SI's projection screens cater to diverse requirements, from residential home theaters to commercial installations, and are known for their quality, performance, and ability to deliver exceptional images even in challenging lighting conditions.

Screen Innovations (SI)

Screen Innovations 5 Series Fixed Frame Projection Screen

January 18, 2021

The Screen Innovations (SI) 5 series fixed line of projector screens are available in a wide array of screen materials including ambient light rejecting, acoustically transparent, and ultra-short-throw options. They can be utilized in both residential ...

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