Home Cinema 1040 Projector Specifications

The Home Cinema 1040 - aka Epson HC1040 projector is a low cost, "Bright Room" projector capable of working well in living rooms, family rooms, etc., especially when paired with an Ambient Light Rejecting screen.

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  • Davide A.

    Love your reviews amazing knowledgebase you share at no cost..i read very carefully both reviews of 1440 and 1040, and i am baffled of which one should i get. I have a very bright room a living room and i d like to project on a 100″. i am tempted by the price of 1040 but would not like to get a middle solution. what would you just advise? and also what screen to go with, i still dont understand given the resolution of both if 16:9 screen or 16:10 would be better thanks again

    • ProjectorReviews.com

      Greetings Davide – first, 16:9 is the standard for HDTV and many movies, so you normally would want a 16:9 screen.

      As to which projector, of the two, you are primarily paying for the extra brightness. Assuming that your budget can support the HC1440, and also assuming 3000 lumens would be enough, I’d recommend spending in the HC1440 range, but go with the Home Cinema 3700, which is a better home theater/home entertainment projector. It simply has deeper blacks, more home oriented features, such as CFI, more advanced image processing, etc. I’m just finishing up the review, but that would be my choice.
      Now, regarding a screen, you say you have a bright room, so that normally means you need the right type of screen. The newer screens that are designed to tackle bright rooms are often referred to as ALR screens, they optically absorb a lot of light instead of reflecting it back to your eyes.
      For a good one with out breaking the bank check out EliteScreens, they have several including their Cinegray 3D. And it’s available on several different frames, so you get to pick and choose, and fit your budget. Others including Da-Lite also make ALR screens but Elite’s seem to be the lowest cost of the recognized brands. Good hunting! -art

      • Davide A.

        thank you soo much fantastic advice the 3700 looks like the logical solution given the specs