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BenQ W7000 Projector Update – Calibration

UPDATE: The BenQ W7000 calibration update has been posted! Read the review here.

Greetings BenQ W7000 and home theater projector fans everywhere!

I’m going to post our calibration settings tonight!   These settings are the ones that Mike came up with for the old engineering sample.  The “final” W7000 firmware, though has done some fixing, including the color tables.  The anomaly with Cyan, seems to be gone.   Mike’s been on vacation (lucky guy), so I improvised.

The BenQ’s three User modes start out the same.  I  looked at User 1 and User 2.  They looked identical.  Then, I simply dropped in Mike’s settings into User 1.  Wow!

What an improvement.  Mike didn’t find the User modes to have the best color temp when he started his calibration, but they had the best overall color space so he started his calibration with the defaults.

Bottom line, using these numbers we are publishing should do the trick.   I imagine if I gave the W7000 back to Mike, for a fresh calibration some of the numbers would change slightly, but, again, these do quite nicely.  Unless someone is going to get their specific projector calibrated these will probably serve you as well as Mike doing a new calibration, since the bulk of the difference might well be the variation in lamps and hours on the lamps.  -art

News And Comments

  • jason

    Hi, it’s Jason from the AVS forums. Can you let me know what the firmware is of the updated W7000 you received?

    There is a lot of confusion since some folks received a projector with the original 1.00 firmware including myself (this was a january build). Several new owners are reporting in, some with 1.00-3 and 1.00-4.

    Please let me know, I am contacting BQ tomorrow with this information since a few owners are understandably upset after waiting 2+ months to get an updated version.


    • Lisa Feierman

      Hi Jason, sorry, somehow I missed seeing your question. I will have to confirm, but I do know, it was the latest and greatest. It arrived from overseas, just a couple days before I received it. I’ll get back to you. -art

  • H.Fernando G.Rosell

    I had the w7000 version 1.00 , and now i have the same model with 1.03 Firmware.
    obviusly need a calibration with this final firmware version.

    Can you update the calibration with this final settings please,I´m confused because i´m afraid to move the controls, I´m using a HC screen 0.8 gain
    in a control light room.

    I feel that I need and advice for the calibrations of the W7000.



    • Lisa Feierman

      Greetings, Sadly, we did not take a close look at the calibration settings. I did use the same ones as posted when I viewed the new version of firmware, and I don’t recall there being any overt issues with the settings, but I was really primarily looking for the black level improvement. For better or worse, I contract out to Mike to calibrate the projectors, but if I want a projector calibrated every time I get a new firmware version, I’d be broke. -art