InFocus X2 Projector Specifications

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  • Lynn

    Is the X2 currently being manufactured, or if not, when was the last year of production?


      The X2 is an ancient projector. It was launched back in 2004. I don’t know when it was discontinued by probably 2006 or 2007. It’s an SVGA projector – 800×600, so its resolution is slightly below that of DVD’s, and about 1/6 the resolution of HDTV or Blu-ray. One thing I do remember, it was pretty noisy. It should not becapable of viewing HDTV or Blu-ray disc.

      A typical new $399 – $450 business projector today (entry level) would be far superior for home use than a projector like the X2 or others old. Find something WXGA (1280×800) (vs. 800×600). Good luck. -art