Mitsubishi HC7000 Projector Specifications

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  • Henry

    Can anyone tell me if placing a surge protector would help with the projector coming on after the power goes off, but the projector will stay on. I was wondering if placing a surge protector with the projector will help?


      Hi, No a simple surge protector won’t likely help, but there may be a surge protector or power conditioner out there specifically designed to do so. You’ll have to check around. If there is, one clue is it might have a remote control. It’s been a long while since I saw an HC7000. Most projectors today don’t rely on hard power switches, so that once power is cut off, when restored the sensor for the remote and the control panel are active so you can turn them back on.
      Something like this might work, email them:

      Tripp Lite Eco Surge Protector Green w/ Remote Control 6 Outlet 6ft Cord