Sanyo PLC-HF15000L Projector Specifications

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  • Rooster James

    I have Sanyo 2K Projector Model PLC-HF15000L. Any idea who I should call or email in regards to selling it?


      That’s a tough question. As I’m sure you know Sanyo is no more, bought by Panasonic’s parent company, Matsushita, a good 4 years ago. I’m sure there is still warranty support, but this is a very high end projector.

      Here’s an odd thought – there are many mega-churches that buy and install high brightness projectors, and there are a couple of church publications (or as we call them in the industry, “houses of worship” that focus on AV. A classified ad there might work. search for church projector or church projector magazine, etc.

      There are also industry trade publications, such as systems contractor news.

      And try a company called AVI-SPL, they are the largest AV integrator in the US, you would be selling to a “dealer” who eventually would end up selling it to a church or corporation, but a dealer will obviously offer a lot less than a knowledgeable “end user” that knows what you have.

      Good luck! -art